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Name: Marie O. Dahl

Nationality: French
Occupation: Entrepeneur
Demeanor: Deviant
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties

Nicknames: Moppet, Mirage

On Stupid People: "Some eggs are dippy, some are completely fried - and then there are those too fucking scrambled to even waste your time with. When you find the scramblers, the only thing you can do is cast them out and hope to hell someone else puts them out of their misery for you."

On Business "Sin sells and lust can more than triple your return. People have been profiting from sin since the dawn of time. Some see corruption and immorality, we see a new set of boots and our next trinket."

On Family: "What is family if not a cacophony of madness woven together by the ties of blood. Let he who can speak surely to their family's perfection cast the first stone."

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A Glimpse Within
Through The Looking Glass
Thick silken locks of vibrant cotton candy pink and angelic white fall several inches past this young woman's shoulders - drawn up in twin high pigtails with a set of bangs, amid silver ribbons, complementary to her rather fair complexion. Her features are delicate, yet slightly rounded, almost like a doll, with a delicately sculpted chin and high cheekbones that appear dusted with a faint shimmer of pink frost. A hand-painted heart print appears to anoint the outer crevice of her left eye, accentuated by a rich ruby glitter hue. Wide eyes, reminiscent of the pale blue winter frost, are thickly lined by webs of obsidian lashes. Curiosity flickers within the pale blue depths only to be mirrored by the studious arch of her dark slender brows. With a smile perhaps a bit too precise to be natural, yet eerily charming all the same, her lips are full and brushed with a faint rose hue - boasting a set of dimples upon their crevice.

With a fashion that can best be described as avant garde, the young woman seems to fancy layers of clothing. A tightly cropped ivory corset nestles close to mold to the contours of her shapely feminine form over a near sheer under shrug of translucent pink. Both pieces manage to fall just short of her hips, yielding to a flounce kerchief skirt in silver, white, and pink gossamer strips that falls a few inches above her knees. A pair of white lace-net stockings over minimal protection to her legs, kept in place by a silver and lace girdle - which are evidentally overshadowed by the knee length white leather boots with 4" heels, bringing her petite stature to approximately 5'8".

While she bears no real jewelry of notice, she fully accessorizes with a matching white tophat and mesh veil as well as a pair of fingerless lace gloves trimmed with silver and pink. The final accoutrement appears to be in the form of a pink and white candied lace parasol as her nails remain long and sport the latest french manicure.
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