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Name: Mellisa Saviour

Nationality: French
Occupation: College Student/
Pathologist in local morgue
Demeanor: Mystery
Apparent Age: 20-23

Nickname: Snow White

"Where there is mystery, it is generally suspected there must also be evil."
Lord Byron

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RP Hooks
  • Medicine — she is studying medicine in the university. Is very passionate about all this.
  • Works in morgue — it is her part time job. She helps there with autopsy.
  • Night bird — she is usually working at days, but she loves walking around at nights, especially, when she has allergy for the sun. So, it is easy to find her outside or in the bar at nights.
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Mellisa is albino girl, who looks much more younger than she is. She has snow-white hair and her skin can easily remind these fluffy clouds in the sky on bright day. Though, people are more likely to see her at nights as a strange ghost. Even Mellisa's eyes are almost white. Well, almost white — more grey, framed by frozen eaves. Even her lips does not have that usual redness, if she does not wear her bloody red lipstick.

She is very small girl — just 160 cm height and she is petite. Even if the girl is so pale, she loves wearing white clothes, especially, many kinds of spruced dresses. At these moments she looks like a real Snow White.

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Allies and Contacts
Tribe man I am healed from the love for you! Man in the suit Sexy wolf in the suit of sheep. Interrogation man I am afraid he is not what he looks he is!
Mr.White (NPC)
The "Awesome" one I just Honestly hate her. Roomate He came and left.As most of the people... NPC You’re the one I follow, follow all the way-ho.
Peter (NPC)
Malcolm (NPC)
The passion It was such a night! NPC I adore you.You will always be in my heart. NPC I don't think you were insane, anymore...