N0 -- University Avenue: 100 South

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The proximity to the University of New Mexico and the relatively inexpensive housing lures people to this peaceful block of University Ave. Both sides of the street are taken up by beige-walled apartment complexes and small houses built in the Spanish-Pueblo style. Traffic is fairly heavy through the area during the day, cars heading north toward Central Avenue. There is a great deal of pedestrian traffic through the area as well, mostly students traveling to and from their classes along the tree-lined sidewalks. Occasionally, vagrants hopeful for a handout will park themselves in front of a particular building, but, for the most part, the area is considered "safe."

The sense of community and stability in this area is partially due to a veritable proliferation of churches, most built in the 1950s period of post-War prosperity. These edifices vary in architectural style and denomination, with Catholic, Lutheran, and Methodist represented on this particular block. Though the neighborhood is primarily residential, there are some offices as well, mostly offshoots of the University. The population here consists primarily of upwardly mobile, middle class residents -- academics, white-collar office personnel, and owners and managers of small businesses.

Places of Note
  • River View Apartments
    • This (Res 2) apartment complex seems to cater mostly to the lower end of the "upwardly mobile" spectrum. The area is considered to be safe. It is centrally located near the University of New Mexico and fairly close to downtown. Free parking is available for tenants and their guests.
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