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This busy intersection of Central Avenue and University Ave. sees a heavy amount of traffic daily, both from academic types heading north onto campus and the cars driving east/west on what was once historic Route 66. The northeast corner of the block is the edge of campus -- a grass-covered hill leads up from the street, with a large sign upon it that reads '1889: University of New Mexico.' The northwest corner is taken up by a small set of buildings, the home of the University Parking Office. Unsurprisingly, a parking lot surrounds these offices.

The Alvarado Transportation Center is on the southeast corner, next to the Visitor Center. They are surrounded by a small coffee shop and various other businesses typical for a college area, including a bookstore, pawn shop, and bike rental store. On the southwest corner, there is a gas station joined by a 7-11 store, both of which looking like they are doing brisk business. A police car is usually parked outside the 7-11.

Places of Note
  • Alvarado Transportation Center
    • The Alvarado Transportation Center offers Amtrak services, local and intercity bus routes, and rail services. Travel to Grants from here! Other routes will be added.
  • Visitor Center
    • New to the city? The Albuquerque Visitor Center provides information about housing, restaurants, local historic sites, shopping, and entertainment.
Notable NPCs
  • Markee, the Information Guy
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