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 The entire north side of Central (once old Route 66) is taken up by the University of New Mexico. Lush and green, this area of the campus contains the journalism school and the art annex, as well as the biology, psychology, and physics buildings. The nuclear engineering laboratory is also nearby. Bustling students roam from building to building during the day; at night, the campus grows fairly dark and silent, aside from a few nearby clubs and restaurants which cater to the college crowd.

Places of Note
  • The Murder of Crows
    • An unassuming warehouse near the University of New Mexico houses this funky dance club popular with the college crowd.
  • Mobile 2 Go
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Notable Events

cut to impressive footage of the Murder of Crows on fire
Date: 11/22/07

Reporter: There's been what appears to be another terrorist car bombing! This time outside the popular night spot Murder of Crows. Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, club attendance appears to have been light.. though we have no information at this time as to how many people might have been hurt or killed.

camera cuts away from the reporter to show emergency response vehicles and hunky firemen fighting the flames!

Reporter: I just heard reports that there has been confirmed one body, outside of the club! Could this be one of the terrorists? Eye witnesses say that this body isn't burned like others in the vicinity.

cut away for an important commercial break!

Reporter: Many onlookers in the crowd were wondering how this could be allowed to happen. We've learned that over Halloween there was a bomb scare, where poker chips with the date 11-22-07 were delivered via pumpkin bomb at the Halloween party held in the park. We also had reports that anonymous tips were made to the fact that citizens felt the Murder of Crows may just be the next target. We will be doing our best to investigate these unsubstantiated reports!

(bbpost 13/9)