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Name: Nami Suzuno

Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Odds and Ends
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 180cm (5'2")
Weight: 69kg (110 lbs)
Demeanor: Judge
Apparent Age: Twenties

Nickname: Little River

RP Hooks
  • It doesn't take much to find that Nami seems to be the atoner, but for what is a whole other story.
  • A dark and troubled past comes kind of part and parcel with this world, but there may be more to Nami than meets the eye.
  • On the lighter side, Nami has a sweet tooth. No, really, hide your sugar!
  • And yet Martial arts is a part of Nami's life. Not as a simple exercise, or pass time, but as a lifestyle and core part of her being.
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Hair the hue of the ocean's depths reflecting the azure evening sky flows like water itself about a visage of golden sienna to end in ripples just below chin-length. The rose of good health keeps give Nami's cheeks a fullness of life even as her eyes hold a honeyed bourbon shimmer of something more somber within. The epicanthic lids of her gaze are framed by the kohl of her thick lashes as she narrows them against the world. Her nose is just a touch aquiline, strong in someone of Japanese heritage but it only sets her features into place to be defined as delicately sculptured.

Nami has a slim figure, shaped by the curves of womanhood, fit and fluid. She wears a powder blue strapless halter with a darker paisley print of deep navy. In a myriad of blues, golds, and reds a full back Horimono tattoo of the Asian Dragon, Ryuujin, peeks above Nami's halter as though writhing beneath wavy tips of her black hair. Blue stone-washed jeans cling close to hips that flare pleasingly and thighs that swoop properly. A pair of earth colored down-cuff boots adorn Nami's legs from mid-thigh on, sturdy enough to hike and chic enough to shop while she totes a matching leather bag over one shoulder.

Allies and Contacts
Warrior Heart I found a friend. I trust my instincts about you. Charmer? You, sir, know how to show a girl a cheap time. Kindred Soul. I see myself in your eyes. I want to know so much more about you, yet I fear I will learn about me.
Insert Witty remark. You seem sensible. Out in the desert, on a horse with no name.