Nevermore Books Basement

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Nevermore Books -- Basement -- Albuquerque

 The basement of this bookstore has been made into a comfy, more private area. The room, like the bookstore above, is clean and comfortable and its dimensions would seem small if it weren't for the fact that someone has an eye for decoration and spatial proportions. There's a grouping of comfy chairs and couches along with a few tables nearby, dotted with potted flowers and magazines.

 A large colorful tapestry hangs from one of the walls. It's intricately woven and depicts a scene straight out of The Owl and the Pussycat with the two in a small bright green boat, surrounded by choppy blue waters, a white, round moon overhead.

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Obvious exits:
Stairwell <UP>

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Circle of chairs:

Four deep red, cozy chairs all facing each other with a small table in between them.

The sofa:
This is a homey, comfortable couch. The couch is very pleasant, upholstered in attractive colors.

The chairs by the tapestry:
These chairs are very comfortable and provide a great place to sit and admire the beautiful tapestry. The chairs are wooden, with warm-colored, soft cushions.

The bathroom:
The bathroom is very small, but impeccably clean. The soft scent of potpourri is in the air and the tiny bars of soap near the sink are shaped like various circus animals.