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Lomas on the north side of the University of New Mexico is a pleasantly sedate and quiet street. From one's vantage point here, one can admire the plush, 600-acre campus which spreads out toward the south. Tucked on the north side of the street is Shrouded Secrets, a very unique novelty bookstore and cafe.

UNM not only provides relatively easy access to a variety of cultural opportunities for nearby residents, it also offers significant expanses of open space for physical and other kinds of recreation. A golf course and an observatory are located on North Campus. The Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, an internationally acclaimed repository of Southwestern anthropological finds, can be found on the central campus due south of here.

Places of Note
  • Rise and Shine Cafe
    • A popular university hangout spot that offers breakfast and lunch at any time during business hours. It was founded by a university alumnus who finally decided his English degree just wasn't getting him anywhere. The food is breakfast and lunch standards with a gourmet flair at reasonable prices.
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