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Rise and Shine Cafe -- Dayzone -- Albuquerque

 The interior of Rise and Shine is a simple box filled with tables, chairs, and a few booths. A long countertop separates the dining area from the doors to the kitchen and manager's office, and also holds a cash register that appears to predate the integrated circuit by about a decade. A chair rail circles the restaurant, except where it breaks for the aforementioned doors as well as those to the two restrooms. The paint below the rail is a soothing, calm blue, with simple high gloss white above.

 The decoration is also subdued, with the occasional garish knick knack hung on the wall. The designers seemed to understand that half the clientele will be hung over, forty percent will be studying for exams and just wanting to relax, 8 percent will never notice the walls, 1.9 percent will be color blind, and the rest are cops who just want the free coffee. An employee waits at the register to take orders, and a menu board hangs on the wall.

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A table:

A simple square dining table with two chairs on either side.

A corner booth:
This booth is in the back corner of the restaurant, away from the hustle and bustle. It's a favorite spot for students looking for the quietest place in the house to study or write.

The Lobo table:
This table is against the wall near the door to the kitchens. It's nicknamed the Lobo table because there is a variety of Lobos paraphernalia hanging on the wall above it, including football jerseys, a comical wolf poster, and a stick signed by the 2005 women's field hockey team.

The yellow booth:
This booth is upholstered in the same bright yellow used to paint Chuck, and a large sketch of him hangs on the wall over it, with an illegible signature with the words "UNM Art Department" beneath it. It's a pretty good likeness, but he looks suspiciously hungover, and his eyes are bloodshot.

OOC Info:

 Rise and Shine has been a University staple for years. The owner-- a University alum-- opened the restaurant to cater to students who just don't get up early enough in the morning to eat breakfast. The food is breakfast and lunch fare with odd gourmet twists and flair thrown in, served from the early morning through the afternoon. If you want a bagel with lox at 6pm you can get it, and if you want a Ruben at 7am you can get that too.

 The restaurant's mascot is Chuck; a curmudgeonly yellow cartoon bird who can be seen shaking his fist at the restaurant's cheerful name in its logo, along with a variety of t-shirts and other merch sold and given away by the restaurant. The management steadfastly refuse to admit he is based on Woodstock from Charles Schulz's "Peanuts" comic strip, and there has been at least one memorable lawsuit.

 The police occasionally wander through the restaurant. The management give them free coffee and sandwiches in exchange for them being around in case anyone causes trouble, but mostly that doesn't happen.

This location is a Dayzone. It is always considered Daytime here.