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Pizza Palace -- Albuquerque

  Pizza Palace is a bustling restaurant filled with all types of people -- an interesting and thorough cross-section of humanity. The low prices and frequent specials attract everyone from hungry college kids to curmudgeonly old people; from pasty late-night nerds taking a break from MMOs to families with screaming, marinara-smeared toddlers. Pizza Palace is open 24/7 except for holidays, with a happy hour from four to seven, and offers just about every topping commonly or uncommonly found upon pizzas. The menu also includes a variety of non-pizza food options such as pasta, sandwiches, and salads, for freakish pizza-haters dragged here by their friends. Eat in, get it to go, or call from home for delivery!
  The restaurant has a reputation for hiring stoners and slackers, but it's a mostly clean place with booths and tables on the inside, plus an outdoor patio area for smokers and people with dogs. The floor is a checkerboard pattern of black and white linoleum squares, and all the chairs and booths are red. Each table is covered with a fresh sheet of butcher paper and is equipped with a little cup of crayons along with the napkins, parmesan, and red pepper flakes. Neon signs in the restaurant windows announce PIZZA! and BUDWEISER!, and CORONA!, along with the always-lit OPEN! sign. Video games both archaic and current tempt children to scream at their parents for quarters, and a karaoke area reminds tipsy customers that beer makes you an excellent singer.

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Out <O>  

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Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins Express - Albuquerque

 Orange and Pink. One half of the room, separated from the other by a low faux-wood barrier, is a donut shop; the other is an ice cream parlour. The perfect fusion of American junk foods. On the donut side, a bright display board with sandwich offerings, beverage options, and donut flavors lights the two-station counter below. The other side of the barrier is dedicated to the equally sweet art of ice cream confection. Three large coolers, with sloped glass fronts for easy viewing, have been filled with 31 bins of brightly colored ice cream. Flavor boards, price lists, and pictures of fabulous ice cream cakes are mounted above the cash register. A gentle pattern of orange and pink splotches dances across the white background of the wallpaper, giving the whole store a cheerful and gaudy feel, and tables and chairs have been neatly arranged on both sides of the shop to provide donut eaters and ice creamers a comfortable place to sit.

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Obvious exits:
Central Avenue <O>