Q3 -- Lomas Blvd: 300 East

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 The overflow of vehicular traffic from the University of New Mexico crowds through this busy intersection, making parking spots a hot commodity. Foot traffic is also quite heavy, mainly with academic types heading to and from campus. Most of the buildings around here are administrative offices for the University; however, there is a smattering of restaurants, shops, and bars.

 Across the street, one finds what is arguably the most popular Mexican restaurant in town -- La Cantina de la Casa Posada. Over the years, this eatery has become something of a venerable institution and it still draws a lot of attention. Benches in front of the building allow people to wait for their table or loiter at will.

Places of Note
  • The Cantina
    • Over the years, La Cantina de la Casa Posada has become something of an Albuquerque institution. Reasonably priced great Mexican food, a mellow atmosphere of good music and companionship, and a historic setting makes La Cantina the restaurant to which everyone always comes back.
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