Q2 -- Girard Blvd: 100 North

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The side of the University of New Mexico bordered by Girard is a surprisingly busy neighborhood with pleasant pueblo-style apartment complexes and your average collection of dusty, worn vehicles clustered on the sides of the road. To the west, the campus sprawls out over 600 acres. Students can be seen heading toward the Coronado Hall Dormitories, which are on the campus' northeast corner.

As Girard veers slightly away from the campus, the stores continue to cater specifically to the college crowd, particularly the music stores. The popular bars and restaurants in this area are never without clientele, mobbed by hungry students and other academic types. Central Avenue lies to the south, while Lomas Blvd. is to the north.

Places of Note
  • East Alley
  • West Alley
Notable Events

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