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While the old, more traditional buildings erected in the 1950s are still standing at the intersection of Montgomery and Girard, these structures have mostly been subdivided into innumerable clusters of small businesses. The influence of ancient architecture and urban design on the neighborhood's built environment has been of decreasing importance as the past is crowded out by accelerating growth. Most of the newer structures are either stylistically prefabricated, with no architectural originality, or serve a purely utilitarian purpose and make no reference whatsoever to style and history.

Businesses in the area include elegant antique shops with priceless collectibles, unique stores filled with Native crafts, and trendy clothing boutiques which offer only the most intimate attention to their customers. Housed in a one-story red brick building is KABQ, an independent radio station. Its main broadcasting center with its massive dish and transmitting arrays has earned it the nickname "The Very Large Array's Brother."

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