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The haphazard quality of Montgomery Blvd. is evident as the neighborhood becomes residential, then commercial, then residential once again, all in the space of a few long blocks. Amid clusters of pinon and juniper trees, apartment buildings and single-family homes are widely spaced along the boulevard. In general, there is an economic and social diversity in this middle-class community that is perhaps both a result and a reflection of the diversity of housing styles and construction. The architecture here runs the gamut from Spanish Pueblo, to California Mission, to tract-home subdivision, to the occasional hacienda. This variety of styles and solid craftsmanship increasingly appeal to many seeking homes in this area.

Various businesses, including "The Albuquerque Children's Center," New Mexico's largest privately owned child care center, can be found in this area. La Fiesta, a popular Mexican restaurant, sits at the intersection with Carlisle, while slightly to the south, a beautiful playground attracts local children to the Luecking North neighborhood park. Toward the west, various antique shops as well as galleries and craft/frame stores showcase both the traditional and contemporary artistic traditions of the Southwest.

Places of Note
  • Luecking North Park
    • Luecking North neighborhood park, which is located in the heart of Northeast Heights, contains a beautiful playground which attracts local children of all ages.
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