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The intersection of Montgomery Blvd. with San Mateo Blvd. shows the changing trend in the development of community shopping, shifting from the "commercial strip" approach to one that concentrates retail activity at a key interchange. A three story brown building directly to the south, the San Mateo Corporate Center, houses businesses ranging from accounting firms, to chiropractors, to a craft store. A few blocks to the north on San Mateo, Hooters is just one of the many area restaurants. The paint on the buildings is clean and fresh looking and the various stores are pleasant and unobtrusive.

Unfortunately, the Montgomery/San Mateo intersection has the dubious honor of being rated the number one worst intersection for crashes in New Mexico by the state Traffic Safety Bureau. Luckily, the St. Joseph Northeast Heights Hospital is just half a block to the west. From 1950 to 1970, this area's population grew explosively, with attendant development of many new homes and apartment buildings. The architectural style favors the classic Spanish Pueblo style, the structures painted in earth tones.

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