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The Albuquerque region once contained as many as forty multi-story Pueblo Indian villages made of adobe, stone, and wood. That ancient tradition and the newer Spanish tradition that replaced it are reflected in the architecture of this section of Montgomery. Buildings run the gamut from lath-and-plaster "adobe" tract homes to typical Spanish Pueblo style apartment buildings painted in beiges and browns. Developed during the building expansion of the 1960s, the neighborhood seems to lack a sense of cohesiveness, its residential sections clashing with the strip commercial developments toward the west.

Nevertheless, traffic is not too heavy, although a fair share of vehicles during the day head north on San Pedro Blvd. toward the Arroyo del Oso Park and its golf course. Other public facilities within the property include Fire Station #15, the John Carillo Memorial Police Substation, and the Xeriscape Demonstration Garden. The stark beauty of the natural landscape to the north is a contrast to the ungainly urban designs which pepper the area.

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