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The Roadhouse -- Main Bar -- Albuquerque

 Low lights barely dispel the shadows in the ramshackle bar, leaving the blaring neon of the beer signs and the abused Wurlitzer CD Juke in the corner to provide most of the unnatural glow. The pounding beat of old rock & roll, country, and rockabilly tunes tears through the acoustically challenged space, providing a backdrop for the raucous laughter and loud abusive tones of the ample crowd of patrons. Sawdust stirs in the air with heavy foot steps, mingling with the heady scents of leather, sweat, and grease.

 On the far wall of the room is a large counter, which now serves its purpose as a bar; behind it is a steel door to the manager's office. The alcohol is stored beneath the bar rather than behind it, saving on the cost of shattered bottles when the occasional body is thrown back there. Mismatched tables are scattered through the remaining floor space, the centerpiece a positively beautiful pool table of dark mahogany with red felt. Though the pool cues are cheap, as are the balls, most patrons show respect for the table, if nothing else in the bar. Walls are strewn with various Harley paraphernalia and motorcycle plates; one cleared area has three pigs spraypainted on it with large red X's over each, and the word "NEXT" over top.

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Obvious exits:
Industrial Basement <IB>   Office Loft <OL>   Parking Lot <O>

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The broken down table:

This table looks like it was on the receiving end in a barroom brawl. A giant crack spans the surface and the entire thing is unsteady. The chairs surrounding it also look the worse for wear, chipped and rickety.

A large rectangular table:
This large, rectangular table is surrounded by sturdy wooden chairs. Many a brew has been hoisted -- and spilled -- around this table. On its surface, words have been carved or sometimes burned in with a lighter, messages such as APD SUCKS and the like.

The pool table:
This is a positively beautiful pool table of dark mahogany covered with red felt. Though the pool cues are cheap, as are the balls, most patrons show respect for the table if nothing else in the bar.

The booth in shadow:
This relatively secluded, dark booth is an oasis of privacy in the otherwise loud and boisterous bar. No doubt the cracked leather seats would have many a story to tell, if they could talk. Underfoot, the sawdust lies in clumps, congealed by spilled beer.

The long bar:
The bar is a large counter, behind which are numerous bottles and a variety of glasses. A variety of bowls with complimentary bar nuts and pretzels rest on the surface of the counter. The bar stools, most of their vinyl seats cracked, are made with heavy metal frames.