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Name: Romeo Kipling

Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Detective
Demeanor: Aloof, possibly shy.
Apparent Age: 25

Nickname: Detective or Officer Kipling or just Kipling. First name? What first name?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?
RP Hooks
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
This man is stands about 5'8" or so, and slender, one might say even willowy in his build. Although not appearing particularly strong, his movements are generally graceful, while conserving movement to an extent.

His eyes are hazel, and just a touch too large for his face, giving him a possibly unsettling appearance at first glance. Darkish hair, probably dirty blond or brown, is cut into a short crew cut. His nose is slender, and his lips are on the small side, as if making up for the size of his eyes.

Neatly dressed, he wears crisp navy slacks, a tailored white shirt, and a tie. On his belt is a clearly visible Albuquerque Police Department badge, along with a sidearm, taser, police notebook, and cuffs.

Allies and Contacts
Insert Witty remark. An ally? I would consider Cleo Fairburn an ally. And possibly my only friend... Insert Witty remark. My partner. In the cop way. Well. Was. But, partners never say goodbye. Never. She'll never get rid of me. Insert Witty remark. Insert another witty remark. Last bit of wittyness.