Rosie's Gun Rack/Description

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Rosie's Gun Rack

  This is what a squared-away gun store should look like. It's well-lit, well-stocked, and the owner must be well-hung. In the store proper there are all the accessories an outdoorsman or weekend warrior could want, from ranger-finders, to holsters, to periodicals, to optics and more. The guns are all safely stored in the display case around the employee area and locked up on the racks behind the counter. Surveillance cameras watch every corner of the store, conspicuously placed with interlocking fields of view. A sign near the front door reads "Shoplifters will be shot."
  Off to the rear of the store a large window that shows stairs leading to the subterranean shooting range. If people are at the range firing, only the most powerful caliber gunshots below filter through the dozens of feet of concrete above to be heard as muffled pops. There is a _SIGN_ by the door which lists the rules, regulations, and pricing.
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Obvious exits:
Out <O>  Firing Range <FR>