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rumor again
rumors on <topic>
rumor fields
<field> rumor has it <text of rumor>

Like all rumors, you must find a rumor monger willing to pass on rumors, for example Smithers in the Cantina. There are others, but like RL, you have to find them, and you must be with them to use these commands.

The first form of the command gives you a random bit of gossip. You will only hear a rumor once.

The second form will randomly select any of the rumors, including rumors you've heard before.

The third form of the command allows the rumor monger to pass on to you all the rumors he know that refer to <topic>.

The forth form of the command lists what <fields> the monger is interested in, and the fifth form of the command allows you to start a rumor in a particular <field>.

The rumor monger won't listen or pass on information not in his or her particular set of fields.


For example,

> rumor

Smithers whispers "I heard Prophet robbed a bank."

> rumors on Cantina

Smithers whispers "Yeah, I've heard something about Cantina."
Smithers whispers "I heard there was a fight outside the Cantina."
Smithers whispers "I heard the Cantina prices are way too high!"

> rumor field

Smithers knows about Street and Social rumors.

> street rumor has it Prophet didn't rob the bank.

You whisper your tidbit of knowledge to Smithers.

> police rumor has it Prophet robbed a bank in San Francisco

Smithers isn't interested in police rumors.

Things To Keep In Mind

Rumors may be the truth, the partial truth, distortions of the truth, or outright lies. Feel free to recount IC events with as much distortion as you think appropriate for the field; Financial rumors are likely to be the truth or close to the truth (since inaccuracy is likely to be stomped on rapidly), whereas Street rumors are likely to contain wild falsehoods, for example.

You need not necessarily start a rumor in the form that your character would start one; feel free to add in a few levels of 'Chinese Whispers', or start it as a third party. For example, your character had a one-night stand with another. You might well start a rumor saying that 'X was seen with Y, and I heard they're gonna go to Vegas to get married...'.

Remember that the text you type is the rumor after it's been passed on at least once, probably more, so fine details become blurred or switched around, exaggerations are made, names get confused. Keep the rumors appropriate to the rumor field, and don't post multiple rumors all with the same basic information; split it up so there's a different snippet in different rumors.

Getting Rumors Removed

If you encounter a rumor that you feel should be removed for OOC or IC reasons, please send a +request to staff. Staff will gladly remove rumors that are OOC mistakes such as a glaring spelling mistake you only noticed after you posted it, or you hit return too quickly.

If you want a rumor removed for IC reasons, you need to state your case very carefully - wanting a rumor removed just because it suggests your character is an idiot is not a good enough reason.