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Name: Sædis Ásdísdóttir

Nationality: Icelandic-American
Occupation: Anthropology Student
Demeanor: Gallant. Weird visually and socially, but a bit of an attention whore (or maybe a lot).
Apparent Age: 20ish

Nickname: None yet, but she uses "Sæfur" online.

"Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment, and knowing stuff in general is just plain fun."
--Sædis, paraphrasing and bastardizing Lao Tzu

"I think of language as being like a songbird. It can be pretty to hear, it can be pretty to look at, but all of the really fascinating stuff is deep down inside."
RP Hooks
  • She's a student. You can figure it out.
  • She's a whiz with languages and linguistics. She may not have a silver tongue, but she's got a sharp brain behind her regular, fleshy one.
  • She's a sucker for games. Anything competitive, she'll want to throw herself into.
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
None too tall, at about five-foot-six, and skinny as a rail, this young woman of maybe twenty doesn't exactly strike an intimidating figure. Judging from her complete lack of muscle tone (emphasized all the more by narrow shoulders) and her lack of any but the mildest of womanly curves, she can't weigh more than ninety pounds. The fact that her skin is the pale white of someone that's spent the majority of her life under clouds doesn't help her escape the appearance of fragility. The paleness is first offset in her face, which is dotted with only-slightly-darker freckles, and which is perpetually adorned with enough makeup and accessories to kill a buffalo. Between her moderately pointed chin and predictably pale, bow-shaped lips, she bears a snakebite piercing capped in black balls on each side (just below her lower lip and just inward from the edges). Her pretty steeply angled jawline helps form rounded cheeks that are spared all but the most minimal coating of blemish-disguising makeup. Her nose and eyes are unremarkable, the former bearing a tiny, diamond-capped stud piercing on the left to spruce it up, and the latter plain brown and somewhat almond-shaped, but decorated in almost gratuitous amounts of eyeliner and mascara, as if to apologize for the blandness of brown. Though her artificially slimmed, arched eyebrows show her natural black, her dyed hair makes it just as plainly obvious, as black is the only vaguely natural color in the mix. The bottommost layer is of perhaps unnaturally dark black, topped by a layer of varying colors ranging from citrine and foxy orange to fuscia and grape. The hair's style matches the colors: chaotic by design. It's fairly straight and coarse, but messy, sticking out this way and that, and reaching to varying lengths between nose and chin lengths in no particular pattern.

In terms of clothes, the pale woman appears to playing with colors all the more by refusing them altogether. Above the waist, she wears a plain white halterneck emblazoned on the front with the word "Identity" in black, and in plain Arial font; above it is a pair of small, square dots, almost like an umlaut for the entire word. Rather than wearing a strapless bra under it like most might, she wears a black camisole in plain view. Below the waist, she wears low-rise black jeans that flare slightly toward the ankle, at which point short white socks and off-brand black Chucks take over. The very last accessory to the outfit is a slim black choker, but she also perpetually carries with her a bamboo-and-paper parasol that's plain white with a few stylized Chinese characters on it, which might be recognized by some as a tired (or profound) pseudo-Buddhist aphorism along the lines of "When eating, be mindful of eating. When walking, of walking. When smiling, of smiling."

Allies and Contacts
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