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Name: Shea Mecklenburg

Nationality: American
Occupation: High-schooler
Demeanor: Visionary
Apparent Age: Mid-teens

RP Hooks
-Daughter of a police officer


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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
Green eyes rimmed in dark liner and a winning smile, framed by an unnaturally dark, bang-less bob, are the most notable features of this young woman. Her clothing choices are casually stylish but not overstated, with patterned elephant stretch pants, an "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" ringer tee, and an oversized grey hoodie with cream sherpa lining. Her Doc Martens betray either keen shopping sense, or a fair amount of disposable cash, as they are newish, covered with Renaissance images most likely originally created by Giannicola Di Paolo, which portray the archangel Gabriel handing a lily to the Virgin Mary. Her jewelry is simple but quality, with gold hoops and small diamond studs in her double-pierced ears, a heart floating on a sturdy gold chain, and a gold band on her right ring finger that holds an oval amethyst cabochon. None of it is terribly expensive - like the sort of jewelry doting parents might give to a beloved teenaged daughter. Everything about her screams upper-middle class privilege.
Allies and Contacts
Scott Mecklenburg
Aaron Mecklenburg
Grace Trumbeau
Captsm.jpeg Police Capt. CSI Twinaaron.jpg Twin Brother Grace1.png Acquaintance