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Name: Sarah Martinez

Nationality: Hispanic
Occupation: Streetwalker
Demeanor: Conniver
Apparent Age: Late 20's

Nickname: Star (or Ralph, if you're Joel)

Character Influences: Trainspotting, Requiem for a Dream, Gia, Forrest Gump, Fritz the Cat, Killing Zoe, pretty much any Law&Order or CSI: LV

"If I had a heart of gold, I'd hock it for smack money."

Duchess: "Diamonds are of most value, they say, that have pass'd through most jeweler's hands."
Ferdinand: "Whores, by that rule, are precious."
RP Hooks
  • Have you made use of Albuquerque's illegal sex trade? We may have met!
  • Were we in prison together?
  • Did you grow up in Roswell?
  • Do you know my smack dealer?
  • Are you sure you need both of those kidneys?
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Star is undoubtedly a 'working girl', if you want to be polite about it, or a hooker if you don't.

Basically nothing about Star speaks of class or good breeding, her clothing is cheap and subtly repaired in many places and her bearing is sleazy. Of Latina origins, her eyes are heavy lidded and she's chemically skinny, still in 'damn girl you need a sammich!' range rather than 'holy shit don't cause a breeze!' Her wardrobe is pretty much all flashy and trashy street walking gear meant to show skin and attract the eye. Low priced stuff in synthetic materials but she manages a fair sense of style given her line of work and the area she lives in. She wears wigs when she's out, usually in some bright color that matches her outfit. Her street name is more or less tattooed into place in the form of empty star outlines tattooed over her hips and stomach.

Still, trashy Star may be, but she can do a nice 'runway' walk and knows how to show off the wares she's obviously selling, and is still rather pretty despite the obvious drug use. She knows how to apply her makeup in an attractive way even if a little skin damage might show through or makes her use too much, and her wig is pinned securely. If she's going to be a whore, the least she could do is be professional about it.

Allies and Contacts
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