T3 -- Lomas Blvd: 500-700 East

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This long stretch of Lomas sees the street turn from residential to commercial to dilapidated and dull. The area is fairly quiet, a buffer zone between the University-related activity to the west and the rougher neighborhoods to the east. Foot traffic is primarily contained to the western edges. A few apartment blocks and businesses do thrive here, although the lack of upkeep clearly shows in the rather ramshackle architecture and general shabbiness. Attempts have been made to clean up the street and fix the potholes, but it seems that entropy and apathy are doing a great job here.

There are a few warehouses in the area, standing starkly against the skyline. The shops and businesses seem to be of the "rough and ready" variety, catering to the fringe element. Derelicts and transients are frequently found loitering in the area. At the wilder eastern end of the street, motorcycles cluster around dark buildings. A constant steady thunder of idling bikes fills the air along clouds of dark exhaust.

Places of Note
  • Roadhouse Parking
    • The Roadhouse is a "rough & tumble" biker bar on the fringe of the rough neighborhood known as the Warzone. Police officers are definitely not welcome in this bar. The Roadhouse offers up "Trouble and Cheap Booze" to everyone else.
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