V3 -- Lomas Blvd: 800 East

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This area is rather run-down and not terribly pleasant. Scaffolding props up a few decaying buildings and there are a number of burned out businesses and abandoned warehouses. The chief attraction seems to be a liquor store, with an enormous, frantically flashing neon sign in the shape of an arrow pointing all the way down the front of the building to the entrance. Vagrants loiter around the liquor store, often with some unidentified bottle in a brown paper bag. A few muscle cars can usually be seen cruising up and down the block.

To the south, San Mateo Blvd. stretches out toward Central Avenue, the landscape one of X-rated adult bookstores and occasional cheap-end residences. To the east lie the State Fairgrounds and the beginning of the sprawl area known simply as the "Warzone." If you're looking for trouble, this is the best place to start.

This is an area best driven through quickly with all your car doors locked. If you decide to walk through the Warzone, be prepared to shoulder the risks involved.

Places of Note
  • Liquor Mart
    • In the heart of the Warzone, this seedy liquor store sells the finest in malt liquor beverages and fortified wine to the downtrodden masses.
Notable Events

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