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Lomas Liquor Mart

  The liquor mart. Every neighborhood has one - some are just more pristine than others. This one, however, is about what you'd expect to find here in the run-down portion of the city. Bright neon filters in through dingy barred windows, the garishly bright words in them announcing that "BEER, WINE, & LIQUORS" are sold at this location. A faint smell of stale booze clings to the air in here. The floor underfoot is bare concrete, swept up regularly but sticky and rarely mopped up. The storefront that is accessible by customers is actually relatively small. One wall houses coolers full of beer, cheap wines, and mixers. The opposite wall houses items of the non-alcoholic variety: A cooler full of sodas and milk, a few household items, some basic food staples.
  The bulk of the store is taken up by an area inaccessible to customers. Several feet into the run-down mart, there is a metal cage that runs from floor to ceiling that is accessible only by a locked metal doorway. The front of this cage contains a thick bulletproof acrylic window, along with an oversized turnstile for handing over items and exchanging money. Behind the safety of this cage is a counter and register, along with the bulk of the store's inventory -- rows and rows of meticulously catalogued liquor and higher-end wines. Back here's where the expensive stuff is, along with the cigarettes. A couple cameras watch silently from corners of the store. Behind the cage, at the very back of the building, is a thick metal door marked 'PRIVATE'.

Obvious exits:
Back Room <BR>  Lomas Blvd <O>  

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A couple seedy-looking employees seem to be minding the store whenever it's

open, along with a guy on a stool reading a newspaper near the door. He may or may not actually work here, but the bulge in his pants (that's most certainly NOT him happy to see you) seems to discourage shoplifters just the same.

Things that are ICly available for purchase: Beer, wine, malt liquor, hard liquor, liqueurs, cocktail mixers, cigarettes, candy, sodas, canned goods, snack cakes, potato chips, toilet paper, etc. -- Basically, if you could find it in your local liquor store or run-down mini-mart, you can feel free to pose buying it here.

This is not an upscale neighborhood. This liquor mart sits on the western edge of the 'Zone, which isn't a nice place at all. The clientele is mostly people from the run-down housing nearby, blue collar or working-class folks just trying to get by, peppered with the seedy street element. While there's no danger to customers in the store itself, it's not the likeliest place for the upper crust of the city to be buying their liquors. Even the local college kids are hard-pressed to try their luck with fake IDs in this place. Getting a case of beer for your frat party isn't worth getting mugged on the way back to your car.