The Three Fools

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Three Fools Tavern is a large rectangular building set below street level. As you descend the brick stairs, you can see the long U-shaped bar to your left. Beyond the stained and polished oaken bar is a pool table and dart board. To your right, there are two poker tables and another pool table. In the center of the pub, and running back to the far wall, is a stage with a modest dance floor. Various tables, polished and made of oak, "horse-shoe" the dance floor, and assorted pictures checker the far wall.

In the far left corner is a flight of stairs that leads up to the balcony. Various wooden signs hang around the room, including one above the bar with the 'menu'. The hardwood floors, stained a dark brown, complement the ruddy color of the brick walls. The bar is kept dimly lit and fairly cool to preserve the traditional Irish rainy-day atmosphere. This effect is helped by the pub's location underground, and the small amount of light allowed through the elaborate stained glass windows.

In the right corner is a room enclosed by floor length glass windows. Contained within are two copper tanks standing on end. Each are about 4 feet wide, and topped with stainless steel. Between the two copper tanks is a large 5 foot wide steel tank. On display in one of the glass windows is temperature and time data. Clearly this is in use as a new microbrewery.
General Information
The Employees
The Doc, the owner.
The Doctor: A versatile man, Richard works at the hospital 40 hours a week and just about lives at the Tavern the rest.
The Bar Tender: Got a juicy bit of gossip? Or maybe just a tale to relate? Sean's the man to tell.
The Three Fools is an imaginary Tavern. The pictures presented for the concept were borrowed from a real pub located in Albuquerque called the Two Fools.