Zoie - Making Cards

From Masq
Date: Setting:

IC:  02/10/2009
RL: 07/05/2011

Forest Cabin - First Floor - Living Area

The interior walls are the same as the exterior; stone of varying shades of gray, many with streaks of natural color through them. A warm dark wood makes the floor in here. giving the appearance of hard packed earth, making the home feel more like a welcoming cave than a house. The center piece of this area, without question, is the fireplace in the living room. The fireplace is set into a wall of natural stone, its wide hearth taking up the majority of the wall. The floor around the hearth is made of the same, jutting up to make a step up to the fireplace. Above the hearth three contoured strips of hard wood trail the course of the ceiling, silver and black lighting fixtures positioned to give the room a warm overhead glow.

To the right of the fireplace, stands the kitchen; a large, tiled island sits in the center of the cooking area. The tile on the island bears a matching design in black and white, matching the light fixtures above it. A heavy, old wooden table sits to the side, matching chairs pushed in until needed for a meal.

To the left of the fireplace, a sitting area is set up, and beyond that a red-latticed porch. The sitting area is decorated in all sorts of red shades that match the hues found in the natural stone of the surrounding room. Couches are pushed back against the walls, broken by stone slabs bearing fresh flowers.

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood, a wonderful day for a neighbor or a roomie. Zoie is in the middle of the floor with construction paper of reds, pinks and whites all around her. As well, there is lace and paste and glitter. Not just glitter but GLITTER! It will be everywhere soon. It will evade Kendrick's floor too. Soon, glitter will take over the house and then the world! It appears that she is making handmade cards.

Kendrick walks down from upstairs and he he pauses a few steps down and looks at you working. "Umm Zoie, what ya working on?" he leans on the banister aboive you trying to look down your shirt or something. He sees the glitter and he winces a little, another house taken.

If he wanted to see down her shirt, it would be a perfect view of her breasts. Those young, firm, perfect breasts. As well, Zoie doesn't seem to notice the intent. "Oh! Valentine's cards. I'm going to make some for your class and then other people. Zack went hunting again." She pouts out her lower lip in a petulent manner before smiling up to him. "You want to make some, Kenny?"

Kendrick cocks his head and after a nice show he walks down the stairs. "Zack? Who's that?" he pulls a chair around and he settles in to watch you work. "I could help I guess, it's rather sweet of you, but you don't need to look after my class like this unless you want to?"

Zoie looks up confused. "Zack, I mentioned him to you. He's my undefined." She smiles a bit to that and then giggles. "I like your class. It's like I can have twenty kids and I really like kids, so it's fun." She does indeed have about half his students already with personalized cards. Then she tips her head. "Are you going out with your girlfriend..." Zoie starts to blush. ".. or are you staying in? I could totally be out of the house for you."

Kendrick cocks. "Oh the one you don't know if you're going out or not. I see, I see." He shakes his head. "I thought that you liked things uncomplicated. This seems..complicated." he smiles and sits back tipping the chair some. "Nope, I'm not seeing anyone for it." He watches you blush. "You want to be my date?" he teases.

Zoie laughs. "It's not complicated. We are just what we are. It will work itself out." Zoie has that look of awkwardness for a moment. "Um... your date?" She smiles sweetly. "I wouldn't mind hanging with you as our various undecides aren't around. However, I think I might have promised Katie that I would hang with her."

Kendrick nods. "Okes." he smiles and stands up heading into the kitchen. "So you want something to eat? I'm thinking that it's time to make subs." One thing that you would have learned over the last few weeks is that Ken knows how to cook and how to eat!

Zoie grins to that. "Sure. I like food. I mean I don't understand why they call them subs though. They don't float." She comes to her feet and jumps up and down to try and get the glitter off. Her feet padding behind his to follow. "So who is your girlfriend?"

Kendrick looks back to Zoie. "I told you this already Zoie, I don't really have a girlfriend. But I've seen a Charlie for while and Kumi for a few. That's about it." he rubs his hands together before he starts to wash them in the sink. "Maybe you can meet them soon?"