Zoie - Meeting Raine

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IC:  05/22/2009
RL: 09/09/2011

Body Art -- Albuquerque

A bell dings upon entering the Body Art tattoo parlor, though the sound quickly fades into the rock and heavy metal that play during all business hours, which a sign clearly states are from noon until 2am, 4am on Friday and Saturday. The waiting area is comfortable, with several couches, and a TV complete with cable for people to watch.

The walls have various tattoo designs, and there are several books with more set on end tables beside each of the couches. A counter sits in front of the back wall, displaying the body jewelry that the shop sells, which ranges from simple silver rings to more exotic designs and low gauge jewelry. There are several smaller rooms set off from the main one where the tattooists and piercers can do their work, and each one is immaculate and equipped with everything that might be needed.

Behind the counter is a short hallway with two bathrooms, and a door that's marked PRIVATE and kept locked at all times.

Raine laughs softly, trying to be very non chalant. "And who, pray tell...do you sleep with, Ken?" She grins at you a little bit before examining a fairy tattoo that catches her eye. She leans in a bit, checking out the details on it. "And who is he to say who you sleep with anyway?"

Kendrick smiles. "As far as he's concerned I sleep with everything." he crosses his arms. "Don't worry about it sis." he crosses his arms and he leans back against the counter. "I don't really think he's got much room to talk to be honest with you. But whatever."

Raine feels her smile slip a bit but drops it for now, merely nodding and going quiet for a few minutes. Moving down the line to another picture after a few minutes, she says, "Well...I would like to meet him very much. He seems like quite a...character..." She grins a bit to herself, crossing her arms.

Who walks in on the best conversations ever? Zoie does that is who. Well she doesn't really walk. She's at a dead run into the shop. Her blonde hair whips around her face as she looks back over her shoulder. "I /told/ you that I would beat you!" This is given in a very melodic manner to another guy who runs in behind her, only he gets sidetracked by his phone. Zoie? Oh she runs in without looking and perhaps into the beautifully curved rear of Raine if she's bent over.

Kendrick blinks as he watches Zoie run at the Raine and he winces a little. "I'm sure that you'll get your chance before you know it." he says softly as he watches the collision happen before him.

Raine does indeed get run right into and stumbles forward. But she was too caught off guard and doesn't catch herself in time. So with that, she trips in her stumbling and falls to her hands and knees, barely matching to keep from face planting."OCH! Ag na Déithe thuas! Mall síos cailín!" There is a very distinct Irish accent there.

Zoie turns very very slowly. It is like one of those moments where time stands still. She even sort of looks horrified as she sees Raine on the ground. Vibrant venus green eyes widen and her cheeks flush with red. "OH! Oh! I'm soooooooooooooo sorry. OH.. geeze.. I mean.. sweet muffins. I am just.. I'm sorry." She offers a hand towards Raine not really seeing Ken yet.

Kendrick groans and walks forward starting to pick up Raine from the ground. "Now now. You two can't fight it out unless it's in a kiddy pool full of jello." he helps Raine to be stable on her feet before dusting her off.

Raine looks up at Zoie with deep blue eyes that are currently quite dark with annoyance. But as she sees the flustered expression upon the woman's face, she shakes her head. "Tá sé ceart go leor...I mean...it's okay. Thanks.."She takes Zoie's hand first, then takes Ken's, lettingthem both pick her up off the ground. She helps in the dusting process before giving a light laugh, those eyes lightening up a bit. "Wow...you would think you were being chased by a banshee"

Zoie blushes and tucks her hair behind her ear. "I um.. I was racing Chad." She looks back towards the door and then she smiles. "Oh! Kenny..." She bounces on the balls of her feet for the man and then looks back towards the woman. "Who do you want to meet?"

Kendrick shrugs. "Knowing Zoie, I'd say she was running to try and meet a banshee because she would think that it's cool." he watches as Zoie goes right back into bounce mode. "We were just talking about Damian a little. I'd like Raine here to meet him at some point."

Raine laughs softly at the two, licking her lips as she leans back against the counter. Looking Zoie over, she smiles more, nodding in agreement with Ken. "Yes...he sounds interesting. Ken is helping me to meet people."

"I've met Damien. He sometimes comes to Kiva. Actually, everyone goes there to hang out. It's all really odd if you ask me." Zoie giggles and then puts her fingers to her mouth in embarrassment to the noise. "Well that is good of Kenny. Are you his....." She leads off for one of them to fill out.

Kendrick rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. "My sister Zoie, get over it." he shakes his head. "Her first question is always if I'm dating anyone we meet." he looks back to Raine and shrugs his shoulder.

Raine nods a bit, chewing her lip. "I will have to head to Kiva then. Might be the best place for me to meet new people. You will have to tell me more about it later." At the leave off of Zoie's and then Ken's response, she blushes all the way to her ears, looking away. "Yeah..no. Just...just family."

Zoie looks at Ken for a few moments and her lower lip actually qurivers when he says 'get over it'. "I wasn't being rude. I just didn't know if she was a co-worker or a boss or what." She looks down a bit at her shoes and scuffs her toes on the ground before she looks back to Raine. "I um.. I work there, so like.. um.. yeah. Lots of people. I could um.. I mean.. I bet Kenny can arrange your meeting better though."

Kendrick rolls his eyes and he leans over rubs Zoie's head. "Don't take it that harsh. You know everyone I work with Zoie, you've been to my classroom how many times?" he looks to Raine and nods. "Zoie here would be a good person to become friends with. Not only will she shop with you, she knows alot more people than I."

Raine reaches out and swats Ken. "Nice going...no need to upset the girl." Looking back to Zoie, she smiles more. "I would love for you to show me around one day. Maybe you can help me get a job. I am having a lot of trouble getting a job. Traveling the world doesn't give you the best references.Ken can set up the meeting...and you can help me out maybe." Looking to Ken, she raises a brow. "Is she part of the family too?"

Zoie laughs. "Kenny would like me to be part of his family." She then slaps a hand over her mouth and winces. "That wasn't a nice joke to say. I'm really sorry. I really am. That was a bit mean. What do you like to do or know how to do? I can see if I can find you a job." SHe looks around the shop finally and then back to Raine. "Or do you mean am I family, like am I gay?"

Kendrick shakes his head. "No, but she is my roommate. She's staying in one of my extra bedrooms at the house." he looks to back to Zoie and cocks a brow at her comment but says nothing more.

Raine blinks a little at Zoie, frowning in confusion as she didn't quite get the joke. Looking between Ken and Zoie, she shakes her head, deciding to just move on. "I..umm...I design. Clothes. Jewelry. Pottery. I am looking to open my own shop. But...I can waitress. Did that a bit in France and Italy for my next leg of my trip." She looks at Ken again, nodding once more, but again, not touching on any of it.

"Asking if someone is family is another way to ask if someone is gay?" Zoie looks between them. "It's not just a New York thing, they do that everywhere. I um.. maybe you guys are bi or anything and don't know that." She leans a shoulder against Ken in an almost sibling sort of manner and yet not sibling at all.

Kendrick looks down at Zoie then back over to Raine, he almost feels like his head is spinning a little trying to keep up with it all. "Zoie, do you think that your boss could use anymore people over there?" he looks back to Raine. "Are you still looking for work?"

Raine blushes dark red, shaking her head vigorously. "Ummm...no...not gay. Just...nevermind." She watches the two, tilting her head and obviously taking in everything, as if storing it all. Looking back to Ken, she keeps blushing, chewing her lip. "I've been trying. I have had...umm...other things...to deal with lately. So yeah...I am still looking for work."

Zoie frowns a moment. "I don't know if Katie is. I mean.. we already have a lot of employees there. There is Zack, Petra, me and Liane then her and whomever I'm forgetting. OH! Pizza Palace is probably hiring. Joel can probably get you a job there."

Kendrick smiles as this. "Now that is something that I want to see. I want to see Raine having to deliver a pizza." He gives Zoie a soft nudge and he grins. "Yeah talk with Joel, I'd love to see that." He winks over to Raine as the three talk.

Raine rolls her eyes at Ken, mumbling, "Smart ass." She looks at Zoie, nodding. "Thanks. I will have to head over there and apply. Every little bit helps. And I will have you know, Kendrick, that I am a very good server. I delivered pizza in Italy. So...stick that in your ear." She sticks out her tongue, crossing her arms.

"Yeah Kenny, stick that in your ear!" Zoie echos and moves to sort of lean against Raine now. Girl power. Or something.

Kendrick shakes his head. "Already turning my own sister against me, evil Zoe, evil." he smiles all the same and he moves back a step or two. "I'm sure you two will be the best of friends in like 10 minutes."

Raine laughs then, bumping her shoulder against Zoie's. Looking to Ken, she grins. "That is what you get for picking on me. It is easy to turn against you then." She winks then and looks at her watch on her wrist. "Speaking of time..I have to be going. Zoie.." she turns to the woman. "It was nice meeting you. Ken can tell you how to get a hold of me. I hope to see you again soon though." Then she looks at Ken. "And you...I will see you soon as well."

Zoie pouts as her new friend is leaving but moves back over to Ken. "So like.. can you give me a ride home?" She smiles and then offers. "Then leave so I can like.. use your bathtub?"

Kendrick groans and waves to Raine. "Nighty night Raine, give me a ring tomorrow." he looks back over the counter once then nods to Zoie. "Come on." he says trying to look at least a little putout about it.

Raine hesitates a little as Zoie speaks. But she quickly gives a wave, a smile and heads out the door, calling back to Ken, "Nite Ken. I will."

Zoie reaches out to snag Ken's hand in hers. It's like two childhood friends. She even starts to swing their arms as they walk to his car. "So she's just your friend? But I liked this one.."

Kendrick walks along letting Zoie do as she wishes. "What do you mean you liked this one? Didn't you like Charlie at all?" he wonders as he moves over to open the door for you.

Zoie shrugs. "Maybe.. I dont' know.. huh." She moves through the door. "So are you getting a tattoo?"

Kendrick shakes his head. "Nope, that's Charlie's shop. I was there checking up on things." he lets go and he walks around to his side of the car and he starts to get in himself. "You know this is not the best part of town to be playing in Zoie."

Zoie ohs softly. "I didn't realize your ... friend worked here. That's pretty cool. It's great for you to check up on things. I would ilke to think if I owned a place that people would check up on it."