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Approval Staff
Augury handles all approvals.
Application Guidelines:
Basic mortal applications are a very simple process. Go through character generation (Chargen) to stat out your character and fill out a detailed background (see +help background and NEWS BACKGROUND). Further instructions are in Chargen to guide you along. Once you have reached the Waiting Room, you will be entered into the Approvals queue, which is the list of people currently waiting for approval. Your background will then be reviewed by the appropriate RP staffer.

On some MUSHes, a character's background is accessible by other characters. This is NOT the case on Masquerade. Here your background is only available to yourself and members of staff to read. Your background is the first glimpse a RP staffer has into your character. We love to pull out little bits of your past and bring them up to haunt you. So feel free to write as much as you like. It will help you know your character better and help staff work you into plots. Because of this, a background that is shorter than a page will rarely be approved.

Sphere Theme:
The Mortal sphere is an integral, vital sphere at the Masquerade and we encourage people to play mortal characters. Portraying a mortal in a supernatural setting can be thrilling, challenging, and possibly the most versatile of RP. Mortal characters are not simply the cannon fodder of the supernatural creatures that stalk the grid. They are the back bone of the game and every other sphere depends on them in some way. United, they are not weak. Humanity as a whole could easily overtake any paranormal threat, even if all of the monsters banded together!

Sphere Openings:
A mortal character is not restricted to any sort of job or concept. However, there are some concepts that we would love to see!

Police Doctors Bartenders
College Students Activists Business Owners
Journalists Private Investigators