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Nevermore Books -- Main Room -- Albuquerque

 As you step into this bookstore, you may notice the air is mingled with the smell of fresh coffee and the papery smell of older books, and as you walk further in, the worn wooden floor creaks under your feet. A little cafe runs along the front left of the store, the tall windows offering a view of the plaza outside to those wishing coffee or tea or a sweet Danish. The other half of the front of the store is lined with shelves of music; everything from CDs to vinyl and anything in between. Sorted by type and genre, you may be able to find most anything recorded onto any format. Aisles of bookshelves line the centermost area of the store from paperbacks, hardbacks, worn or new, just like the rows of music, older or the most recent publications can be found. And to help you peruse your selections, a small grouping of comfy chairs nestles themselves along the far corner and along with flowers and soft lighting, it makes it a cozy, inviting place to sit and read or just sit and chat.

 The walls are decorated with colorful, framed posters and banners hung from the ceiling directing you to different sections of the store. The counter is tucked into a back corner and there is an old fashioned cash register sitting next to a modern computer system, bringing a little old in with the new. A blue sign with a black arrow pointing downward leads you down a small stairwell to another area of the book store.

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Obvious exits:
Stairwell <D>   Glass Doors <O>