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Name: Aiyana Star Walker (Coyote)

Nationality: Native American (Navajo/Hopi)
Occupation: Environmental Conservation Sciences Student
Demeanor: Reveler
Apparent Age: Late Teens - Early 20s

Nickname: Brat, Ana, Aiy


"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

RP Hooks
  • University Student - Aiyana is attending for Environmental Conservation Sciences. It's a lot of words to say that she is a tree hugger activist. She's transferred over for the Winter 2012 Semester and was in a sorority. She's got a few credits for her bachelors and then onto her Masters.
  • Tempe, AZ/Seattle, WA - The past three years she has attended ASU in Tempe, Arizona. However, the last two years she has also spent a lot of time in Seattle, Washington. Perhaps you have run into her at either of those places.
  • Native American - Aiyana loves her heritage. She is from a two tribal family though. Her blood is both Navajo and Hopi. She finds both cultures interesting and enjoys how to seamlessly merge the tribes to one day find understanding.
  • Military Brat - Aiyana's Daddy was in the Army. She has traveled everywhere it feels. The girl was never in one place for that long. Because of this, she does tend to get a little stir crazy and get huge doses of wanderlust from time to time.
  • Role-Play - Really, if you want to RP. We can come up with a reason. I would love to meet each and every one of you.
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

The first things that people notice about this young woman is that she's Native American and that she's delightfully tiny. She, like dynamite, should not be underestimated though. The woman stands at five feet even in her bare feet, but has a personality to outshine that lacking height. Long dark hair falls down her back in an inky black veil which seems to highlight her features. The woman possesses culturally high cheekbones that mark her with a timeless sort of beauty. It is truly her eyes that are the most fascinating element of her though. They are hazel, but the color seems to constantly swirl from soft gold to bright green to almost black, as well as they always have a mischievous twinkle to them. Her full lips are always quirked into a welcoming smile, as if everyone that looks at her is her best friend.

While she's slight of stature, she's managed to play up her curves to show her femininity. The cooler weather has her dressed in a flowing golden colored blouse. It is cut to skim her curves while holding the mystery of what lies beneath a true secret. A pair of very well loved and old jeans hug her hips and legs before they flow into a pair of slightly heeled brown boots. The woman carries a brown leather jacket to starve off the cold. If one gets too close to her, she almost always seems to smell of earth and wild flowers.

Allies and Contacts
My heart Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Walk beside me that we may be as one Wonder Twin Don't let yesterday use up too much of today turmoil Do not allow anger to poison you.
Complicated You must live your life from beginning to end... No one else can do it for you. Hair Twin Listen to the voice of nature... For it holds treasures for you. Friend? Don't be afraid to cry.... It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts.
Prideful Do not judge your neighbor... until you walk two moons in his moccasins. Healer We will be known forever... by the tracks we leave. Friend? No river can return to its source... yet all rivers must have a beginning.