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Name: Annalisa Guida Lettercraft

Nationality: United States
Occupation: Book Binder
Demeanor: Architect
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Height: 6'2"
Build: Slender
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Lt. Brown

Nickname: Anna


"Grief teaches the steadiest minds to waver."
― Sophocles, Antigone

"This above all: to thine own self be true"
― Shakespeare, Hamlet

"Scathing eyes ask that we be symmetrical, one sided, and easily processed. Yet every misshapen spark's unseen beauty is greater than its would be judgement."
― Monty Oum, RWYB - Yellow

RP Hooks
  • Books, books, BOOKS!
  • Art is also a good subject, Anna paints and draws.
  • Need some information dug up? Rare book hunting makes you good at it.
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A Glimpse Within
Anastasia Study.jpg
A study in vine charcoal of Anastasia Lettercraft, age 18, as drawn by Annalisa Lettercraft
Physical Description
Seemingly composed of earth and shadow, Annalisa is a study in golds and browns both pale and rich. Sandy-blond tresses framing eyes the color of polished amber flow in wavy cascades over Annalisa's shoulders. The rich iridescence of clean, well-brushed, healthy hair adds to the fullness of her locks as they fall as low as her knees in an unhindered deluge. Throughout the earthy blond hair can be found full blossoms of white wildflowers woven right into the lengths themselves. High cheekbones define a heart-shaped visage with a lightly bronzed complexion that is obviously the result of an outdoor life rather than intentional tanning. Her nose is small, characterized by a slender bridge that leads to a tip turned up just short at the end. Blossoming in their fullness upon her narrow jawed visage her lips are only faintly hued with a primrose lipstick.

Standing at just a little above six feet tall, Annalisa has a willowy but fit frame. She moves with certitude and the grace born of self-knowledge in every minute gesture. Trim shoulders are bared by the spaghetti straps of an elegantly simple pullover dress. The smoky white of the dress makes the lightly bronzed hue of Annalisa complexion stand out more vividly, softening the play of dancer's musculature beneath the surface. The bodice, frilled along the top, has a visible sewn ribbing which collects the otherwise loose fabric against Annalisa's narrow waist with an embroidered trim of roses and vines. The remainder of the dress blossoms outwards from her waist like a bell with a lace detailing about the hem. From mid-calf down Annalisa's legs are revealed with a continuation of the svelte athleticism in her bared arms and shoulders while her feet are adorned with brown leather Greecian style sandals that criss-cross straps up to her dress hem.

Allies and Contacts
Reliable! We see eye to eye ...litterally. Intriguing. Long hair unite! My friend, I am here for you. CHARLIE! Depth; The more I get to know you the more I find.
Bro! You have a good heart, once the thunder and flash passes. Other Bro! So, so, sooo sweet!!! Ahem. Good friends are awesome. Ahem. Surrogate family! Back straight, shoulders front; There is a lot to see here, especially that smile.
Sir Knight. Just a little shy, with a subtle but definite strength of character. I like you. Bereft. Family; it really is what you make it. Stoic. I would like to know you better. I just hope I am able to.
Customer. I showed you my craft and I hope we get a chance to compare books again. New girl! We've only met briefly, but I can say I think you have a certain something.