Body Art/Description

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Body Art - Albuquerque

  The main space of Body Art is brightly lit and gives an immediate impression of cleanliness and order. The air is rather cool thanks to a combination of air conditioning and standing floor fans. Spotless laminate flooring is neatly arranged in a black and white checkerboard pattern through the room, a striking contrast to the dark red walls. Wall-mount double-sided panel flash rack displays showcase various tattoo designs; there are binders with more designs stacked neatly on the end tables in the waiting area.
  A long counter wraps around half of the room, displaying the shop's available body jewelry, which ranges from simple silver rings and ear gauges to more exotic accessories, such as twists and plugs. The comfortable-looking waiting area to one side of the counter is comprised of several couches and a TV set, though music generally plays overhead while the shop is open. Framed photos and flash designs hang on the wall above the couches.
  Down a short hallway, there are several smaller rooms where piercing and tattooing actually takes place. Further down the hallway is a public bathroom and a door labeled 'Office.' Behind the counter, there is another door marked 'Private,' which is kept locked at all times.

Obvious exits:
Office <OF>  Private Door <PD>  Out <O>