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La Cantina de la Casa Posada -- Main Room -- Albuquerque

 The overall impression upon entering the bar/restaurant through its oaken doors is that you have suddenly been transplanted to an old, Mexican village (circa 1849). Small lanterns, scattered about the tables in the room like tiny stars, flicker golden shadows across the room, creating a cozy atmosphere of quiet darkness. Flowers in hanging pots and succulents in terra-cotta planters add a subtle lushness to the room. The greenery sets off the white stucco walls and tiled red ceiling of this classic Pueblo-style structure.

 The Cantina is very mellow and invites you to relax, and enjoy the good food, great music, and the companionship of others in a historic setting. However, hip and trendy waitstaff, neon signs, and decorative banners add an ethereal modern coolness to the surroundings. Another ultra-modern touch is the small closed-circuit camera in the corner near the ceiling. And of course there is the music... whether it's the sounds of blues, reggae, jazz, rock, or any combination of the above, the Cantina is always bursting with rhythm and soul.

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