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The Casablanca Restaurant -- Foyer and Bar -- Albuquerque

 Elegance and the rich style of Southwest decor pervade the foyer of the Casablanca. The floor is tiled in a faux brick gold, and white alabaster columns arch upwards into the high ceiling. A varnished ebony desk attended by a courteous hostess separates this entryway from the dimly lit bar just beyond. A large clock mounted on the wall behind the desk shows the time as Wed May 14 03:53:56 2008. Through the archway to the west, elegant tables and chairs can be seen in the restaurant's main dining room.

 Moving directly into the classy bar/lounge, one finds an atmosphere of unique style. Several pictures along the wall depict scenes from the Old West. A variety of potted plants enliven the lounge, adding a touch of greenery to the surroundings. Candles cast flickering shadows over the room, the soft lighting glinting off the rows upon rows of wineglasses hanging upside down from a long rack above the bar. The various tables scattered about the room seem sleek and expensive. Indeed, this seems to be quite a popular hangout for wealthy singles. The bartender offers up a 'drinks menu' and 'dessert menu'.

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Obvious exits:
Dining Room <W>   Montgomery Blvd. <O>