Dutch Russo

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Name: Jack "Dutch" Russo
Dutch Russo1.jpg

Nationality: Probably American
Occupation: Unknown
Demeanor: Rogue
Apparent Age: 28-30

Nickname: Um.. Dutch.

Sport: Catch you later, copper.
Travis: What'd you say?
Sport: See you later, copper.
Travis: I'm no cop, man.
Sport: Well if you are, it's entrapment already.

- Taxi Driver
RP Hooks
  • Are you a criminal, drug addict, or general lowlife? Chances are you'll run into me. We should talk.
  • I'm always down for seedy bar RP.
  • I'm friendly OOC, and I don't bite. If you'd like to interact, we can work out a way to interact.
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
Standing at around six feet, this man's of average height and has a slim to average build. He's not especially pretty, average enough to blend into most crowds, but there is a uniqueness in the sharky grin and seedy style he carries himself with. His hair is medium brown, the unruly mop slicked back a little and usually under a crooked newsboy cap or derby. His complexion is a medium caucasian one, just enough weathering to it to show that he's probably had his share of hard knocks in the past. His eyes are expressive and green, his jaw pronounced, nose a little on the wide side and his lips are full and thick. Chops trail a couple inches down along his jaw, ending in the lazy scruff of a few days without shaving framing his face. Anything he lacks in the attractiveness department seems to be made up for with a nonchalant, slightly seedy demeanor that exudes its own brand of 'cool'. His limbs are a little lanky, muscled in a wiry manner that gives him a bit of healthy definition without really increasing his bulk. He probably weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 170lbs.

He wears a weathered white oxford, unbuttoned halfway down his chest, with a dusky corduroy jacket on top of it. His pants are simple slacks, ending in boots that dress down an outfit that was already pretty casual. He doesn't flash much in the way of jewelry, but does wear a watch that appears to have value to it.

He looks to be in his late 20's, or close to 30 years old.

Allies and Contacts
Haight! An Old Friend.
I take back what I said about your hair, H.
Silas! One Slick Cat.
He knows which color really gets shit done.
Emmy! Heeey...
I'm pretty sure I paid you back that $100.
Lennie!! Pigpen in a Fly Fishing Vest.
Am I Snake or Gator?
Danieo!! Nice Pimp Chalice.
You never know what kinda crazy cat's gonna creep up around these parts...