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Name: Leonard "Lennie" Joad

Nationality: Choctaw
Occupation: Unknown
Demeanor: Conniver
Apparent Age: Mid 20s

Nickname: Lennie

Coyote punching, yeah? Been there. Sometimes you've just got to give them a good pop or they'll gnaw your toes off.
RP Hooks
  • Are you a criminal, drug addict, or general lowlife? We may have met, lets talk.
  • Are you a crunchy nature type who hangs out by the river or heads out the desert? You might find Lennie there too.
  • Are you a homeless person, street musician, or come in contact with either of those? If so, you've probably met Lennie.
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
The man that stands before you is dressed for practicality. His hair, black it would seem from the few random wisps that are visible, is hidden away beneath a white bandana. He is wearing a tan fly fishing vest over a blue, denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Dark brown cargo pants, a pair of well-worn hiking boots, and a mesh fedora hanging behind him by a string around his neck complete the look.

He is not a particularly attractive man. His skin is pock-marked and his face seems slightly long and out of proportion. His most attractive feature is his blue eyes, but even those seem a bit out of place with his ruddy complexion. To top it all off, his entire five-foot-four-inch frame seems rather dusty from the mud on his boots to dirt beneath his fingernails to the smudges on that white bandana.

Allies and Contacts
Haight! Bad Kitty
Mind if I just take this guitar and not pay you later?
Silas! Bank!
Dollah Bills Y'all
Emmy! Mosh Pit Maven
Dutch! StairMaster 5000
When one scoundrel vouches for a another...
Batty! Dufflebag Express
The highway to hell got a little dull so I came here