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The Frontier Restaurant -- Albuquerque

 Situated on the famous Route 66, the Frontier Restaurant is a landmark establishment and part of America's folk history. Since 1971, this fine restaurant has happily served the Albuquerque area and the University of New Mexico community, providing a safe, clean, 100% smoke-free environment for college students to spend hours studying or just relaxing. The Frontier's fine, affordable food, its funky John-Wayne-centered Western decor, and its unique atmosphere make it a popular hangout and gathering place.

 Behind the glass doors which proudly bear the sign "Open Daily: 24 Hours!" is a large, spacious dining area filled with dozens of tables and booths made of light-colored formica. Hanging on chains from the ceiling are sconce chandeliers shaped like wagon wheels. Behind the gleaming steel counter, you can see busy cooks squeezing fresh orange and making our signature cinnamon rolls. Above the counter hangs the extensive 'menu' board; the entire menu is served 24 hours.

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Obvious exits:
Central Avenue <O>

Associated People Logs

Hank: Chef

The long polished counter:

A surprisingly clean service counter sports a wide array of diner gear: plastic cups filled with paper-covered straws and napkin bundled silverware, red and yellow plastic condiment tubes, and aluminum serviette holders. It gleams an inviting creamy white, its red vinyl bar stools ready to be sat upon and occasionally spun.

A standard table:
A simple square formica table with four equally matched red plastic and metal armless chairs. When the table is leaned on from the right corner, it wobbles slightly.

A large booth:
The comfortable booth is clean and in good order. It easily seats a larger party. However, the springs sag, probably from a good amount of abuse by college students cramming in too many friends.

A medium-sized booth:
A rather non-descript booth in the same red vinyl and white formica color scheme as the rest of the place. However, a bored and wandering eye might notice a small bit of scrawl on the wall near the table in ballpoint: "I'm going crazy... crazy for some sweet-rolls!"

A table for one:
A shabby little table for the party of one. One, indeed, is the loneliest number, it seems to echo silently. A chipped corner, an uncomfortable chair, and a lack of Sweet n' Low all add up to a miserable dining experience.

A small booth:
This popular booth is well-worn and often occupied by sweethearts. The underside of the table is covered with protestations of love as timeless as "Mary + Frank = T. L. 4 E.!!!" and "Jill has a hot ass!"

A very large circular booth:
This is a spacious curved booth with a lazy Susan in the middle of the table. It has a prim little white card on it that declares: "For parties of 5 or more ONLY!" Unless the restaurant is painfully slow, staff will kindly ask you to leave if this is not the case.


A sign near the cash register reads: "Please wait for flashing green light &/or buzzer signaling next available cashier."

Food Facts:
A large sign tacked to the wall offers up the following fun food facts:

 ~*~The Frontier Restaurant:~*~
 * makes approximately 600 dozen tortillas per day (7200 pieces)
 * sells 7200 sweet rolls per week
 * sells 4600 breakfast burritos per week
 * fries 5400 lbs. of hash browns per week
 * squeezes 19,500 oranges per week

Wayne Art:
Works of Southwestern-themed art created by local and nationally-known artists are permanent fixtures on the walls. Of course, the Frontier is most famous for the numerous unique portraits and three-dimensional images of John Wayne, which can be found everywhere around the restaurant. "The Duke" is a pillar of class and strength, a perfect symbol of everything that the Frontier Restaurant represents here in "Duke City."

Sweet Roll:
You've never tasted cinnamon rolls until you've had one of our famous Frontier Sweet Rolls! Huge, covered with gooey glaze, and piping hot, they are a "Sweet" deal at only $1.19 each! Taste what everyone has been raving about! You'll keep coming back for more!

OOC Notes:
OOC/IC FYI: There is no "waitstaff" here. The Frontier is open 24/7 and you go up, order your food at the cashier, then wait for your number to be called, and pick up your order. Please do not pose waitstaff, as there is none. Thank you.