From Masq
Name: Hunter Briggs

Nationality: American
Occupation: Private Investigator
Demeanor: Confident, sometimes to the point of cockiness.
Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Nickname: Cowboy, Redneck, Champ

"Build a man a fire and he's warm for a day, but set a man on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life. Tao of Pratchett. I live by it."
Harry Dresden

"You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him."
Malcolm S. Forbes
RP Hooks
  • Cheating spouse?
  • Unexplained event?
  • Just want to hang out?
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

A tall, powerfully built man wearing a black cowboy hat over shoulder legth brown hair. Dark eyes look out and seem to have seen way too much for no older than the man appears to be. His clean cut facial features are sharp, a smile on them might make a person uncomfortable if they don't know him. A black cowboy hat and black leather duster make the man stand out just a little more. A black t-shirt stretches a bit tightly over his upper body and new Wrangler jeans are held closed by a brown leather belt, complete with a large silver and gold belt buckle with the classic 'End of the Trail' depicted on it. Black cowboy boots, not new but well cared for, disappear up into the legs of his jeans.

Allies and Contacts
Insert Witty remark. So not all bad first impressions end poorly. A rough first meet turned into someone I'd be lost without. Insert Witty remark. The lady has the best coffee ever and she likes to play with guns. Does it get any better than that? Insert Witty remark. It is good to find a brother in a land of strangers. It is also good to know who to call when one is too drunk to make it home.
Insert Witty remark. A brother's wife means a sister for life. I see a happy and terribly spolied child in the near future. Insert Witty remark. The first time I have ever used the term 'good lawyer' and meant it. He is a good friend as well. Insert Witty remark. Though we only met a few times a kinship was struck. I wonder where you've gotten to?