Lily the Florist

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Name: Lily
Lily the Florist5.jpg

Occupation: Flower Girl
Demeanor: Conformist
Age: Late Teens
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

RP Hooks
  • Need Flowers for an event or loved-one? Lily runs a flower shop!
  • Deliveries - The flower shop deliveries! Did someone send you a gift or one to your place of business?
  • Construction - Lily's shop could use some work!
  • Need a job? Lily's shop is hiring delivery people, counter attendants and maybe someone to help tend the flowers.
  • Rooftops - Lily's shop as a rooftop garden, are you someone who explores the high places in the city?
  • Botanists - Lily has interesting breds of flowers from hard to get seeds passed down in her family.
  • Hungry? - Lily feeds people, brews homemade meads and has been know to season her foods with herbs from her garden.
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A Glimpse Within
Lily has recently arrived in town after taking over the flower shop that her grandfather, now at the end of life and living in a nursing home, left to her. The girl seems to be trying to restore the place that has been abandoned for ten years, fixing up the garden and visiting her grandfather daily.
Physical Description
With brown hair and brown eyes, Lily is a girl who is on the pretty side of plain.
Allies and Contacts
Weston - My second cousin