Mobile 2 Go/Description

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Mobile 2 Go -- Albuquerque

 The Phone Center is a large room with sterile white walls and utilitarian beige carpeting underfoot. The room looks smaller than it actually is, because it is absolutely crammed full of merchandise. Desks, counters, and displays are arranged around the room, showcasing phones and answering machines of various types and models. While prices may vary, it seems that there truly is a phone for everyone.

 Phone salespeople throughout the store are on hand to assist customers. A clerk nods on his way to the stock room, saying, "Cellular phones and smart phones are very popular and practically fly off the shelves. This is also the place to order phone service for your home or business." Another helpful phone salesman wanders past and says, "If you like, I can give you some 'instructions' on how to get a phone."

Obvious exits:
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