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Name: Piotr 'Burner' Rozokov

Nationality: Mother Russia
Occupation: Fire Spinner, Speaker for the Dead
Demeanor: Eye of the Storm
Apparent Age: Twenty Four

Nickname: Burner

"The Demon stirs, and so we dance a tango."

"Once again into the fire"
RP Hooks
  • Do you get High? Piotr does, hes a trip doctor known in most granola communities. He often attends 'Hash-ins”. He has been known to lead 'shamanic journeys' and attend drum circles. He has a background in holistic spirituality and healing as well as a PHD in chemistry.
  • Go To Festivals and Renaissance Fairs? Involved in the Burning man or any other pagan or musical festival or rainbow kid gatherings or massive parties? Piotr is famous as Burner in theses communities as a fire-spinner and trip doctor.
  • World traveler? so is Piotr he has been from Baghdad to Beijing to Tibet and climbed Mount Everest. Hes walked across the outback of Australia, Hes climbed the Russian Steps. Perhaps you meet Piotr in your travels?
  • Hippy/Granola kid/alternate culture spiritualist/new earth movement/neo tribal/new bohemian? Piotr is and is a philosopher of many spirituality’s and has experienced many indigenous cultures.
  • Like to fuck shit up or dance with the darker-side? Piotr has a dark-side that hes kept carefully in check hidden, but like calls to like and the right 'victim' just might lure his villains nature to the surface
  • Fellow Fire Spinner or Circus Folk? Like fire spinning or any form of circus performing? then Piotrs kin.
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Piotr has seen better days. His six foot frame has a slight hunch and though he appears to be in his mid 20's there is something hard and aged about him. His leonine features smudged in shadow, aristocratic cheekbones and a Russian heritage giving him a puckish quality once endearing now somehow disturbing[;] boyish yet forced to grow up to soon. A chin length mane of golden hair cascades wildly about his head. Spiral locks of sun kissed gold framing his noble face and long silver chains bearing unusual ornaments hang from his ears. His eyes are like pools of tropical water; the deep blue of the Mediterranean. Soulful and wild[;] somehow he seems lost drowned within them. His expressive mouth no longer stretched in an easy grin his expression emanates only a distracted sorrow.

Desert fatigues have replaced his usual leathers. When he moves it is with a distracted hesitance as if he weer high or mentally distracted his natural grace causes this to almost make it appear as if he was gliding through the world without touching it, leaving behind only shadows. The scent of the desert mixes with that of cinnamon and jasmine lifting from his skin. An off-white cotton shirt hangs open, revealing a long slice of lean-muscled chest and stomach. A set of Mala's made of blue glass beads hangs from his neck in stark contrast to his alabaster skin. His long slender hands and fingers have been covered with Mehendi casting the shadow of an unusual strength over them as if no longer an artist's hands but those of a maker or shaper of things. His wrists and forearms covered in braided cloth and jangling silvered bracelets. A patched leather long coat hangs off his shoulders, draping over his form in voluminous folds to hang like wings cut from the night sky a beaded cloth zen beg hangs over his shoulder and rests at his hip.%r%r

Allies and Contacts
I dreamed a Dream. The One who got away. Who would have thought it would turn out we were the monsters? What a Lovely way to Burn. "We two burn like the fire" I wonder if this is a story you will tell your children someday? Angel or Alien? If my better Angels wernt dead.. Keep shouting my friend, maybe Ill hear you over the roaring in my viens.
Spread your Wings. Sister light Sister Dark! Fly for me and tell me what the wind tastes like. Live life with unbroken wings The song of the earth beats in your heart. The Only thing bigger then your Heart. Is your Stomach!