From Masq
Name: Billie Peyton

Nationality: US of A Citizen
Occupation: Drifter, wanderer
Demeanor: Survivor
Apparent Age: 21

Nickname: Billie the Kid

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?
RP Hooks
  • The loner drifter, thrust into something new. Time to stop running from society, time to face it. Be with it.. Grow up.
  • Billie holds a similarity to someone, this has not been defined.
  • She can be quite abrasive and prickly, while on the inside, she is still soft and squishy
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
This young, athletic, woman, does at times sport an occasional layer of dirt on her skin and clothes. A lingering smell of soap and dirt tickle the senses, hinting that she is at least more clean than dirty. Her pale skin often shows a few spots and smears of dirt, but not too much offensively so. Her hair on the other hand is a well kept or prided part of her, long blonde braids lay gently over platinum and black twisted dreads looking akin to long porcupine quills, falling about her shoulders. Her oval face has a pronounced high forehead, that is even more so by her lack of eyebrows. Steel blue eyes lined with charcoal, eyelids are skillfully accented with with a bronzy shadow, as lips are painted in a pale pink, that rarely part in a smile.

Today she is wearing pair of form fitting brown alligator skin pants, brown cotton ribbed tank and a brown beat up leather duster and snakeskin boots to complete the look. Around her throat is a chocolate velvet choker with a brown leather rose on it.
  • [link Name of song] Name of band
  • [link Name of song] Name of band
Allies and Contacts
Insert Witty remark. Forever Friend.You confuse me, and yet I find myself no matter what, needing to have you in my existence. Insert Witty remark. CuriousityYou are an indulgence that I have not encountered. I fear trouble comes in your wake, but oh I think it will be fun. Insert Witty remark. My Rebel.Forever your girl, thick and thin.. Baby, we will make the most of this.
Insert Witty remark. Red.You don't need guns when you got me around. I promise. Insert Witty remark. Brother. GAAhhhh! Ease up on the hugs, you are going to kill me! Insert Witty remark. Rocky Billie. Three Licks, Rocky, Three.
Insert Witty remark. Friend. My friend, sometimes your words sting. Good intentions, are hard to find. Insert Witty remark. My Big Mistake.Bitter Sweet, and how it stung. I am still watching you. Some say we can't be friends. I say to hell with them! Insert Witty remark. Alice.Why can't you remember me?
Insert Witty remark. My Bane. Never has one inspired me to want to claw out my own eyes. Keep my tongue sharpened just for you. Insert Witty remark. Kissed a Girl. Sometimes it is the pretty ones you gotta worry about. Telling you, she kissed me! Insert Witty remark. Understood and misunderstood. Nic, will there ever be a time where we don't rock a boat. You and I, we are more alike than we think.
Insert Witty remark. Close encountersSugar, I know I drive you crazy. I am sorry. Insert Witty remark. The other Red.You got a lotta spunk and fire I respect. Insert Witty remark. Felix the Cat. Sometimes you know, others are not always what they seem. One day, you will see me.
Insert Witty remark. Birds of a feather... So glad you are on my side, you got my back, an I got yours. Insert Witty remark. Rides the... Telling you man, one night we all gotta go an ride.. Insert Witty remark. UnexpectedYou will push me to the end.