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To get help on race-specific commands, type '+help <command>'


Shifter and Kinfolk Commands


+curse <person>
@adesc me=<whatever your usual @adesc message is>;+curse %n

If a Garou's Rage exceeds the human's Willpower, the human instinctively feels uneasy and nervous around the Garou. This effect is known as "The Curse." The +curse command represents this by checking your Rage against the target person's Willpower. It will then give you a @pemit indicating the level of the person's fear.

It can either be used during an encounter with someone (by typing +curse <the person's name>), or else appended to your @adesc attribute as above. In the latter case, it will then be triggered by everyone who looks at you.

Only you, the Garou player, can see the @pemit as it's triggered and it is up to you to RP accordingly.

There are a number of reasons for the decision to have the code function in this manner. Primarily, it is to protect your OOC Masq, but there are other factors involved, such as the fact that the target person might be too far away from you ICly to feel the effects (across the street, on the other side of the club, just passing through the room). It also might confuse newbie players to get such a @pemit just from looking at someone.



The first form of this command returns your current rage.

The second form expends a point of rage.

The third form expends a point of rage and notifies everyone in your location.



The first form of this command returns your current gnosis.

The second form expends a point of gnosis.

The third form expends a point of gnosis and notifies everyone in your location.


+renown/p<ositive> <name>/<type>=<reason>
+renown/n<egative> <name>/<type>=<reason>
+renown/given last10

These commands help keep track of shifter renown. If you feel that someone, including yourself, deserves a renown recommendation (either positive or negative) use the first two commands. <type> must be one of the three valid types of Renown for a specific breed. For example, the Garou types are Honor, Wisdom, and Glory.

+renown/list shows you all your pending renown recommendations.

+renown/all shows you all of your previous renown recommendations after staff has reviewed them. This will also show you how much renown you gained or lost (or a 0 for no effect).

+renown/10 shows just the 10 most recent renown recommendations you've received.

+renown/given shows all the renown recommendations you've given others.

+renown/given last10 shows just the 10 most recent renown recommendations you've given others.

+renowncheck simply returns your current Renown levels, so you don't have to type +sheet to see them.

All of these requests will be reviewed by staff. Also, these recommendations are NOT anonymous. The recipient will see the details of the recommendation and who they are from. Staff has final say on how much renown is gained or lost, if any.



Rolls Stamina at a difficulty of 8 for healing during combat.

The first command shows only to staff, the second emits to your current location. Does not work in your breed form (unless you're metis), and does not heal aggravated wounds.


+scent true form of <player>

If the garou has the Gift 'Scent of the True Form', then they may use this to attempt to determine the true form of vampires, mages, changelings and garou (automatically, but as per the System in WtA).


+mtouch <target person>
+mtouch/willpower <target person>

This command allows shifters with the Mother's Touch gift (or equivalent) to heal people as appropriate.

The first form of this command rolls a healing attempt on the target person.

The second form of the command expends a willpower for one automatic success in healing the target person (there may be additional successes). The target person must be in the room with you.

Sense Wyrm

+sense wyrm

This command allows those with the Sense Wyrm gift to sense their location and any objects within it for Wyrm Taint.

pb (Pure Breed)

@adesc me=<whatever your usual @adesc message is>;+pb %#

The Pure Breed background determines a shifter's (or kinfolk's) lineage and ancestry. Pure Breed is a semi-mystical trait that can be innately "sensed" by other members of your particular changing race.

In order for other shifters and kin of your race to get the appropriate @pemit regarding your character's Pure Breed, the +pb command must be affixed to your @adesc as above. Mortals and other supers will *not* see anything special when they look at you.



If you are a Garou or Garou Kinfolk you may use this command to show you basic information about other members of the Sept of Blue Water.

Kindred and Ghoul Commands


Autobotcher is currently OFF.

Because of time constraints, it is possible to sit in the "botch queue" for longer periods than expected. To offset this, code has been developed to allow a Vampire player to resolve their own botch.

If you use this method, you will immediately have the botched status removed, allowing you to hunt again. However, some of the results of the Autobotcher are dangerous, and could put you into a worse situation than you presently are.

To use the Autobotcher, type:

+resolve my botch please

You will be required to accept the results of the Autobotcher, and your use is logged. Currently, the Autobotcher is OFF.


+madness <msg>

This allows Malkavians to transmit over the Malkavian Madness Network.

Only those with Dementation have enough control over Madness to make their message heard. If your mastery of Dementation is weak, you will pick up more "noise" from others on the network.

The Madness Network cannot be turned off, any more than a Malkavian may turn off their insanity.


+bond <name>=<amount of BPs>

This command feeds <name> <amount> of blood. You may only use this command on an existing ghoul or vampire - if you wish to create a new ghoul, you must contact a member of vampire staff first.


+burn <discipline>
+burn masquerade

This command burns one blood point into a discipline that you have. The second form of the command should be used in situations where you need to spend a blood point to seem human, such as feeling warm to the touch, or other such feats.



If you are a Camarilla vampire, the first command will whisk you away to the current Elysium. The Elysium is a permanent nightzone to allow vampires with differing RL schedules to meet regardless of the +time.

The second form of the command will show you who is in the Elysium (if they are not UNFINDABLE) or how many people are in the Elysium (if they are UNFINDABLE). Those who are Obfuscated will not show up on this list.



The first form of this command will whisk you to the Vampire OOC Room where the Vampire House Rules are kept. The second form will return you to the grid.


+vstatus/vote <player>/<sect or clan>/<positive or negative>=<reason>

This command allows vampires to keep track of their status and to vote to increase or decrease the status of another vampire.

The first command listed will show you your own status, along with who you've voted for, and how many times. In addition it will also show you what percentage of the total status in each category your status takes up. The second form will show you all vampires with status, and how much each has in each category (along with the percentage). You can only see the status of other players in your clan. The third command lets you vote for <player>, who must be a vampire and approved. You must also specify if it's in the Camarilla or Anarch sect, or in a specific clan. You can only vote for members of your clan, and only Anarchs can vote to give status to another player in the Anarch sect. You must also specify if you are voting to increase (Positive) or decrease (Negative) the votee's status. The last portion is the reason, which must be more than 5 words and convince staff that you have a valid reason for giving a status vote.

NOTE: All of these requests will be reviewed by staff. Staff has final say on how much status is gained or lost, if any.

Cross-Sphere Commands

Auspex and other Heightened Senses

+spy <place>

To eavesdrop or use 'supernatural sight' abilities with Auspex or similar abilities, you must first turn on the eavesdropping with '+sight'.

To turn it off use +unsight.

Eavesdropping requires you to eavesdrop on a particular <place>.


+feed on <character>

This command allows you to feed from a player in an OOCly consensual feeding scene. The player must have used the +submit command (+help submit) for this feeding to work. You may set the SHOW_FEED attribute on yourself, and is shown to the <player> when he/she is fed upon. If no SHOW_FEED attribute is set, a default message will be shown.


+heal <amount>
+heal A

The first form of this command will heal <amount> of nonaggravated wound levels.

The second form of this command will heal 1 aggravated level. You should only heal one aggravated level per IC day.


+hunt <style> +hunt/cap <style>

Important Note: The location this command is used is the location that you are considered to be feeding, and a message announcing your feeding will be emitted to that location and to staff. So, be warned, and limit your feeding to appropriate locations.

Hunt for prey using 6 different styles. Each style has a dice pool dependent on an Attribute and Ability. The target for any Hunt attempt is location dependent. You may only hunt every 2 RL hours, and only during IC night.

+hunt/cap uses the vampire's self control which, if successful, will limit the amount of blood taken in a single feeding to no more than 5 BP by dividing the amount of blood they consume by 2.

See +help huntstyles for a list of <style>s.

Obfuscate and Other Supernatural Hiding Skills

+invisible - This lets you disappear.
+visible - This lets you reappear.

This command is applicable if you have supernatural hiding skills such as Obfuscate. Note that you may not be able to 'hide' in front of witnesses.


+pump <stat>

Increases a physical stat by 1, for a cost of 1 blood point. The physical stat will revert back to normal 90 RL minutes after it is pumped.



This command will send all your physical stats back to their un-pumped, normal level. Use this if the code doesn't automatically return your stats to normal after you use the +pump command.


+shift <form>
+shift/set <form>/<attribute>=<text>
+shift/add <form>/<attribute>=<newtext>
+shift/rem <form>/<attribute>
+shift/edit <form>/<attribute>=<oldtext>/<newtext>
+shift/check <form>
+shift/unfindable <form>=<Yes|No>

The +Shift command is used for shifters and certain Vampires to change between forms. The user can also store (optional) new attributes for each form in order to help protect OOC Masq.

If an attribute is set for a form, it will automatically replace the existing attribute; if not, the attribute will be unchanged. If you wish to have an attribute cleared in shifted states, enter the value N/A or None when using the +shift/set command.

Substitutions and evaluations are permitted. Stat values (strength, dexterity, stamina, appearance and manipulation) will also be changed automatically.

Important: the code does NOT automatically store existing attributes for a shifter's "breed" form or a vampire's Human form -- thus, attributes must be set for all forms if you want the code to function correctly.

The four long forms of this command can be used to set, add to, remove, edit and check the attributes to be changed when you shift to a particular form.

For a list of attributes that can be changed, use +shift/check. Any unset attribute will be unchanged when you shift forms. The EMIT attribute is emitted to the room at large when you shift into a form.

To see what forms are valid for your character, type: +shift/check.



For example,

+shift/set glabro/desc=A hulking brute, nine foot tall.

+shift/edit glabro/desc=nine/ten

+shift/check glabro

> Your Glabro attributes are

> DESC: A hulking brute, ten foot tall.

+shift glabro

> You start to shift into glabro form.

> Form shift complete, stats changed.

l me

> A hulking brute, etc.

+shift/set hispo/desc=\[u(hispo_wounded)]\

> (this is how you include an evaluation - you must escape it first).



This command will show your Supernatural character's status. For vampires and ghouls this shows your Obfuscated state, if you are using Auspex, if any stats are pumped, and what your current blood pool is.

For shifters, this will show your current form, whether you're in the umbra and whether you are peeking into/out of the umbra.

This command is useful to checking your status upon logging. It can be added to your @aconnect.


+ulead <person> <person>

+peek end

The Umbra on Masq is a "realm," meaning that while in the Umbra, you are in the same room as people in the "Real World," but they can not see you. All of your poses, @emits, etc. are only seen by other Umbral characters and staff. OOC commands like page, +mail, etc. are not affected.

+step represents stepping sideways through the Gauntlet. It is used both to enter the Umbra and to return from the Umbra.

+ulead allows a group (of any size) to travel to the Umbra (and back) as a pack, with one person "leading" the others into the Umbra (making the roll for everyone).

+peek allows you to peek through the Gauntlet to the other side, while +peek end lets you end the peeking prematurely so you can see what is on your side of the Gauntlet.

  • House Rule -- We are allowing peeking from the Realm into the Umbra, but the difficulty of doing so is +3 of the local Gauntlet.