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 Renown is a measure of a shifter's place in society and governs how quickly a shifter can gain rank. For a Garou, Renown is a measure of how well—or poorly—they are living up to cultural expectations. Garou renown is therefore closely tied to auspice, as auspice defines much of a Garou's role in society. Thus, an Ahroun rises in rank by gaining enough Glory renown, while a Theurge needs to gain a certain amount of Wisdom. For the other changing breeds, it varies by breed.

 Mechanically, renown comes in two varieties, temporary and permanent. Temporary renown can rise and fall over the course of a story based on how a shifter conducts herself. When she gets ten temporary points of Renown, a shifter can convert that temporary renown into permanent Renown. Permanent renown is more difficult to gain and lose than temporary. Usually only heinous crimes will reduce a shifter's permanent renown, and a punishment rite is generally required.

 Once a shifter has gained sufficient permanent renown, he may gain a rank. The procedure for gaining a new rank varies by type of shifter.

Gaining Renown
Renown is gained and lost through your character's actions and behavior during roleplay. For Garou, renown is by its very nature a social aspect: it reflects not only how other Garou treat you, but encompasses outsiders and spirits, as well. By the same token, renown gains and losses can be affected not only by what your character actually does, but how it is perceived by others. On Masq, this is handled by the use of the +renown command, which allows characters to give positive or negative renown recommendations to other shifters or themselves. The Renown Chart page mirrors the renown charts from WtA and WSC while the Renown FAQ contains a FAQ and some Masq house rules about renown. While the chart is fairly Garou-centric, many entries can be applied to other shifters as well, and it can serve as a model for other recommendations.
Types of Renown


I shall be silent and quick
I shall watch my own shadow
I shall follow the whispers
And survive, learn and prosper

How good is a werecat at discovering hidden secrets? How well can she manipulate rivals? Is she good at riddles or successful at business? If she excels this way, she wins renown. A clever cat is a famous cat. Cleverness measures a Bastet's skill for misdirection, trivia, wits, and bravado. If you're good at pranks, puzzles, and hidden meanings, the others will recall your name.


I shall stand my ground
Govern my hatred
Master my fury
And scatter foes to the wind

Bastet are not the warriors that Garou are, and their quests are far more personal. Even so, combat savvy, strength, and raw savagery are prized among the cat-folk. Ferocity measures a Bastet's temper, kills, and sheer attitude. You don't have to be nine feet tall to have a fierce reputation. Sometimes, you just have to look fierce. A few withering stares and dark rumors will have others making room at the fire.


I shall be valorous
I shall be dependable
I shall be generous
I shall protect the weak
I shall slay the Wyrm

As Gaia's warriors, Garou place a high value on Glory renown. Glory is generally earned by proving oneself in battle. The most direct way is through seeking out minions of the Wyrm and destroying them, but there is also Glory (and Honor) to be found in dutifully serving at a caern and defending it from enemies. Glory can also be earned by recounting tales of battles so that other may learn about their enemies.

Ahrouns and Galliards focus on Glory renown.

Corax also favor Glory. They may have a slightly different interpretation of what constitutes glory however, and are more likely to consider defeating an enemy through trickery glorious than Garou are. Corax Glory renown is quite rare, as they're not built for combat. Their rules of Glory are: only fight when you have to; fight to win; and no second chances.


I shall be respectful
I shall be loyal
I shall be just
I shall live by my word
I shall accept all fair challenges

Garou gain Honor renown upholding the ways of the Garou, showing respect to each other, and serving Gaia even when it requires great sacrifice. Performing the Rites of the Garou often brings honor to the ritemaster. Helping to defend caerns, fetishes, people, or other places from the Wyrm brings honor to a Garou. Keeping Kinfolk safe and ensuring that the next generation of Garou are raised well bring Honor to a Garou.

Philodox and Ahrouns are expected to strive after Honor. Philodox pursue it as their primary source of renown, while Ahrouns pursue it as a secondary source.

Bastet and Corax also value Honor, though they may emphasize certain aspects more than others.

Corax Honor renown is usually for things that help the breed as a whole, or kinfolk. Their rules of Honor are: if you're going to do it, do it all the way; get witnesses; and don't do it unless you're sure.


I shall be calm
I shall be prudent
I shall be temperate
I shall be merciful
I shall think before I act and listen before I think

Garou with a reputation for Wisdom are the ones most likely to be listened to and deferred to at moots. High Wisdom Renown marks a character who thinks through her words and actions before sharing them, and is adept at sensing when others have not done the same.

Werewolves rich in both wisdom and glory are a rare breed. The two are often at odds, with the glory-seekers charging into battle at any opportunity and those who quest for Wisdom picking their battles carefully. Both have their advantages, but those who lose on the quest for Wisdom are most likely to be able to try again. A werewolf who is both wise and valorous knows when to fight and how, and he is, therefore, the most valuable of allies.

Theurges pursue Wisdom as their primary source of renown; Philodox and Galliards as secondary.

Wisdom is the primary source of renown for Corax, and is somewhat conflated with 'knowledge' for them -- by Corax standards, the raven who risks danger for another tidbit of useful information is Wiser than the one who plays it safe and leaves it be. Their rules of Wisdom are: get it fast; get it accurate; get out safely so you can tell someone.

Renown by Changing Breed
Bastet: Honor Ferocity Cleverness
Corax: Honor Glory Wisdom
Garou: Honor Glory Wisdom
Converting Renown
When a shifter has 10 points of temporary renown in any category, it can be converted to one point of permanent renown in that category. The method for doing so varies by changing breed.
  • Garou have two options. They can convince another werewolf (of equal or higher Rank to the character, and not of the character's pack) to perform the Rite of Accomplishment, or, more dangerously, challenge an elder. Should the challenger succeed, he gains a point of permanent Renown; if not, he doesn't. Either way, he loses all temporary Renown in that category.
  • Bastet must petition either an elder or a spirit, preferably with the Rite of Recognition, to make a renown conversion.
  • Corax, with their tendency to work alone and even greater tendency to talk each other's ears off, simply make sure what they've been up to gets on the grapevine. When they've earned enough temporary renown, it automatically converts to permanent.
Gaining Rank
A shifter gains rank after he or she has fulfilled the requirements for the next level. Different breeds accomplish this in different ways.
  • Garou challenge a Garou of higher rank. If they succeed, they attain the new level.
  • Bastet gain their new rank via a rite held at a taghairm, or demand an increase in rank from the spirits themselves.
  • Corax essentially gain rank by acclaim; when they've accumulated enough renown and enough stories of their exploits have made it around the grapevine, they simply find themselves having a higher branch in the tree reserved for them at parliament and otherwise being treated as though their rank has increased.
Rank Requirements


Garou follow the ideals of Glory, Honor, and Wisdom.


Cliath: Any combination of 3
Fostern: Any combination of 7
Adren: Any combination of 13
Athro: Any combination of 19
Elder: Any combination of 25


Cliath: Glory 0, Honor 0, Wisdom 3
Fostern: Glory 1, Honor 0, Wisdom 5
Adren: Glory 2, Honor 1, Wisdom 7
Athro: Glory 4, Honor 2, Wisdom 9
Elder: Glory 4, Honor 9, Wisdom 10


Cliath: Glory 0, Honor 3, Wisdom 0
Fostern: Glory 1, Honor 4, Wisdom 1
Adren: Glory 2, Honor 6, Wisdom 2
Athro: Glory 3, Honor 8, Wisdom 4
Elder: Glory 4, Honor 10, Wisdom 9


Cliath: Glory 2, Honor 0, Wisdom 1
Fostern: Glory 4, Honor 0, Wisdom 2
Adren: Glory 4, Honor 2, Wisdom 4
Athro: Glory 7, Honor 2, Wisdom 6
Elder: Glory 9, Honor 5, Wisdom 9


Cliath: Glory 2, Honor 1, Wisdom 0
Fostern: Glory 4, Honor 1, Wisdom 1
Adren: Glory 6, Honor 3, Wisdom 1
Athro: Glory 9, Honor 5, Wisdom 2
Elder: Glory 10, Honor 9, Wisdom 4


Bastet follow the ideals of Ferocity, Honor and Cleverness. Their Ranks are gained by having the total amount of renown listed below, in any combination of these three categories. The amounts have been house-ruled to match those needed by Ragabash, for a fairer progression.

Tekhmet: 3 Renown
Aka: 7 Renown
Tilau: 13 Renown
Ilani: 19 Renown
Bon Bhat: 25 Renown


Corax follow the ideals of Glory, Honor, and Wisdom.

Oviculum: Glory 0, Honor 0, Wisdom 3
Neocornix: Glory 0, Honor 0, Wisdom 6
Ales: Glory 1, Honor 2, Wisdom 8
Volucris: Glory 2, Honor 3, Wisdom 10
Corvus: Glory 3, Honor 5, Wisdom 10

Kinfolk and Renown
Renown is rare and precious among kinfolk. While they cannot ever possess the rank of a Garou, kin occasionally receive acclaim for their deeds. As with Pure Breed, Garou respect kin with renown, but they also demand a lot more work from them.