From Masq
Name: Sasha Meshcheryakova

Nationality: Russian-American
Occupation: Thief/Sleuth/
Demeanor: Trickster
Apparent Age: 18

Nickname: Who, me?

Sasha pushes open the door and pokes her head in. "Pantyparty1994?" She calls out tentatively before stepping inside.
Sasha, visiting.

"You're deSHpicable."
Sasha, foiled.

"Let's get outta here! These bitches are gonna go all Caged Heat on my ass."
Sasha, fleeing some irate hick chicks.
RP Hooks
  • Roam the streets, sistah! Viva le revolucion!
  • Cops are people too, even if they make my life difficult sometimes. But hey, I can be a useful informant for you.
  • Criminals are just trying to make a living, man. They're really all just decent people, honest.
  • Want in on a scam? I can always use extras on elaborate ones, for a cut of the profit.
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

At first glance, Sasha is a only slightly atypical goth girl. She favors blacks and edginess, with eye-catching and eye-searing black makeup, but she does mix in a healthy dose of color for variety's sake. She's definitely on the slender side, not much taller than five-three, five-four, and her most noticeable feature is her bright red hair, styled into a cute pageboy bob.... or is that a wig?

Take another look: She's doubtlessly a cute girl, probably somewhere in her late teens, but her face is a bit too round to be considered beautiful. While her nose is a bit large and her lips a bit too thin, Sasha's best features are her large, haunting light-gray eyes, brought to further prominence by black eyeliners beneath curiously-quirked brows.

Look a little closer: There is an unmistakable sense of feline mischief, indeed arrogance, in her features. Even the way she moves and talks, her very body language exudes a subtle cockiness that speaks volume of the girl's self-assurance. Dressed in a magenta-colored one-piece dress, Sasha's self-confidence seems even more pronounced. The dress does hug her slim form, leaving her shoulders and arms bare - which she has thoughtfully covered up with a faux black fur short-coat. The hem of the dress reaches mid-thigh, her legs beneath are sheathed in a pair of black fishnet stockings, while a pair of ankle-height black boots are on her feet. A variety of trinkets completes her ensemble, including a necklace of native African design, a chain belt around her waist and fingernails carefully painted black.

Allies and Contacts
Can I be your Robin? Hillbilly God of Catfights. Don't let them ever tell you crazy is bad. If they do, smoke 'em! I did not need to know you ate too much cunny. Persian God of Texting. You give texting a touch of the divine, O Great Wise One. Don't think I didn't see your flat abs. Hindu God of TaxiCabs. Dude, is there anyone in this berg you don't know? Batman crazy, remember! Local God of Comics. Positive reviews. Needs some fun. Perfect date at a party, by all accounts.!
Eureka! Swedish God of Curious Stuff. Like a multi-layed cake, you are.