Sunset Car Dealership

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Sunset Car Dealership -- Albuquerque

 One of the original car dealerships that made Central Avenue/Route 66 an indelible part of kitsch culture, Sunset Car Dealership is all garish neon signs and flying banners. The lot appears to be well kept, and the cars all seem to be in excellent condition. A security guard patrols the area at night.

 Cars of every imaginable type stand in neat rows all around the spacious lot, prices clearly marked on their windshields. There are comfortable family sedans and station wagons, sporty little convertibles, and, of course, the ever-popular SUVs. A few luxury cars are on display in a section of the lot reserved for those with deep pockets.

A wide banner flies overhead:

Smilin' Roy moves towards you with a too-wide smile on his lips. "Have I got a deal for you!"

Obvious exits:
Central Avenue <O>

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Smilin' Roy: Car Salesman

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