Aaliyah - First Night in Booquacky

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IC:  01/09/2012
RL: 06/26/2013

La Cantina de la Casa Posada -- Main Room -- Albuquerque

 The overall impression upon entering the bar/restaurant through its oaken doors is that you have suddenly been transplanted to an old, Mexican village (circa 1849). Small lanterns, scattered about the tables in the room like tiny stars, flicker golden shadows across the room, creating a cozy atmosphere of quiet darkness. Flowers in hanging pots and succulents in terra-cotta planters add a subtle lushness to the room. The greenery sets off the white stucco walls and tiled red ceiling of this classic Pueblo-style structure.

 The Cantina is very mellow and invites you to relax, and enjoy the good food, great music, and the companionship of others in a historic setting. However, hip and trendy waitstaff, neon signs, and decorative banners add an ethereal modern coolness to the surroundings. Another ultra-modern touch is the small closed-circuit camera in the corner near the ceiling. And of course there is the music... whether it's the sounds of blues, reggae, jazz, rock, or any combination of the above, the Cantina is always bursting with rhythm and soul.

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It'd probably be better if Damian were raptly listening to the tunes spilled out by a friend, Chandler, who's playing over at the stage area, but let's face it, he's not. The man came here for booze and possibly eye candy as opposed to live music. Cant manage everything! Which isn't to say he's not enjoying, his foot taps and what not, but otherwise, drinking and chatting with nearby random people.

Aaliyah strolls in casually. If talking to herself can be considered casually. She's certainly not dressed for January in Albuquerque. "It's fucking freezing here. I thought this was the desert. Desert's are supposed to be warm." Words that are not loud enough to be distracting from the music, likely only heard as far away as a few feet. A weathered leather purse that could easily hold as much as a small backpack is slung over one shoulder.

Indra is rolling with her jeans and shirt, one can assume, as she has her duster cynched in tight, and her Stetson on, but that revolver is always present. She apparently knew Chandler was going to play, and she'd never miss out on a chance to see Waddles at work! Oh, and there's Damian, which isn't as epic, or fun.

Chandler is off in one corner with a small amplifier, microphone and her electric guitar. She is in the muddle of a set, and has just finished a song. She speaks softly into the microphone and says simply, "This is a well known Mexican song called Besame Mucho." She then starts right into the song. She plays loud enough so that people who want to listen can hear, but soft enough that those who want to talk with table mates, or ignore her out of principal may do so without too much trouble. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuBj8XAm0rY for your listening pleasure, and different from the last link - more what Chandler would actually be playing) She plays through the song, sorta introverted into her own world of music and song, so has yet to notice anyone else as of yet.

Damian is totally epic and fun, you're just not looking at him from the right angle. He finishes off his drink and sets the glass down, tapping the bar in that universal 'one more' signal. While that's happening, he turns a bit to just kinda enjoy the lounge, look at some people, see some stuff. "Cheese it, it's the Fuzz!" he says loud enough to catch some attention, and gives a wave over at Indrakshi, and smiles as well. "Woodland Fuzz? ...Gotta come up with a better name than that, I think, that's just terrible."

Despite the profanity, the dulcet tones of Aaliyah's voice carries with them a faint amalgamation of accents and inflections centering somewhere around the Middle East, tinged with more than a hint of the Big Apple. Nostrils flare as she takes in the essence of the place, padding quietly in her own world bypassing the poker table with a fleeting touch that brushes the surface of the wood. Unceremoniuously she selects, the largest couch and selfishly takes up its entire expanse.

Indrakshi will scowl a bit when she's called The Fuzz. "I'm not on Duty, so you have to come up with -two- nicknames." She says as she drifts towards Damian, bobing her head along to some song she's hearing in her head..or she's high as a kite again. She gives a few finger wiggles at Aaliyah as she passes and slips right on up into a stool near Damian. "Cider and some UV Birthday Cake for me, get that gay guy trying to call me a cop a shot of Baileys Mint. It might make him stop gagging on his boy's .." She just lets that trail off and winks at Damian.

"What's the matter, jealous?" Damian asks with a sly grin at Indrakshi, "Maybe you're just not seductive enough, did you ever think of that? I mean honestly, you could put a little effort into a hip wiggle, you know. No wonder I turn to the charms of men, you ladies just have no drive these days." he jokes. Heyo, cutie on the couch. Damian picks up whatever kind of drink he ends up with and give Aaliyah one of those drink-raise-head-nod greeting things that you see a lot in bars. Hey there, I'm drinkin', how about you?

Chandler finishes up the song with a rising tempo and a final strum, then mutes the strings with the side of her palm. "Thank you," she says into the mic as the soft smattering of applause subsides. She leans back and turns a dial, and the lounge is filled with Tajeno from some digital radio source. Back into the mic, Chandler says, "I'm going to take a short break. Back in a few." She sets her guitar in the stand and heads towards the bar. She spots Damian and Indrakshi, offering a wave and a smile to both. "Hey guys, good to see ya."

Aaliyah returns Indrakski's little finger waggles with a reciprocal one of her own. What could -almost- pass as a wink at the other woman might be observed. The roadworn purse of hers slides off her left shoulder and with half her attention on rustling around in the contents and remaining half watching the interactions of folks at the bar, she starts to extract a crumpled dollar bill and a few quarters out of the bag. Her attention shifts fully to the bar gathering the fishing expedition continuing blindly. One. Two. Three more dollars, then a five!

Indrakshi will roll her eyes a bit at Damian, and when Chandler comes on up, she gives a grin at her. "Waddles! You sound great up there!" She says and tries to snag Chandler for a squeezing hug, like a Bear Hug. "Hey Damian, do you know that girl?" She says, looking over Chandler at Aaliyah. "I mean, you've lived here longer, you know every one, tell me if she's like Chandler, and afraid of being hugged by girls due to her invisible boyfriend."

"Hello, Chandler," Damian says with a smile and points out, "Indrakshi's having a jealous fit." He shakes his head with pitty for poor Indra, but then glances over where indicated and shakes his head with a shrug, "Not a clue, sorry. You want I should call her over here and start drilling her about her possible tactiphobia and dating possibilities?"

Chandler allows herself to be hugged, and even reciprocates, but protest when she finds breathing difficult, "Don't break my rib, Indrakshi. Still gotta finish my set." She laughs, and does a little eye rolling. "He's not invisible. He's quite real, I assure you." Once Indrakshi releases Chandler, she offers a hug to Damian. One less bear like, but just as friendly. "How've you been, D?" Then she, too, is glancing over Aaliya's way, curious as to who has Indrakshi's attention.

With a protesting tone that sounds remarkably truthful, Aaliyah declares in direct contradiction to Indra's claim. "He's not invisible!" The right hand clutching her fistful of dollars waves in the general direction of the left side of the couch. "He's right there." She rises and takes three steps toward the bar, then returns to the couch to retrieve the purse. Still clutching those bills, she makes a waving motion to where she's justr indicated the boyfriend is and resumes her original path to the bar. To Damien she says with an impish smile, "I don't do well with coming on demand." Another half wink is offered to Indra. Maybe she has a tic? And at last to Chandler, "I have to admit I don't see your boyfriend either. Do you see mine?"

Indrakshi will touch a hand to her chest when Damian gives her shit about questioning things. "Why, who ever said I would want to ask some one such a straight forward thing?" She says..and then Aaliyah is speaking up and coming at them. See, Indra is now peering right where Aaliyah said her boyfriend was, and then shakes her head. "I really need to stop taking Peyote then going out drinking, I could have -sworn- I saw some one there." She says quietly to her self and then forces her head to clear and her eyes focus with clarity. "I'm Indrakshi Miss. This is Waddles." She says and gives Chandler's belly a pat, like the inside joke makes sense. "Thats Damian, Damian has Bitch Tits." She explains.

Damian delivers Chandler's hug, but it's light and brief, and that's all he allows on the hugging front, though he smiles and seems pleased enough with it. "I'm well, darling, having a happy evening celebrating some very boring personal achievements." He smiles at Aaliyah and offers a hand to shake, because hugging strangers is quite beyond him. "Indra, I wonder if you've ever actually listened to yourself speak before." before turning back to Aaliyah and saying, "Damian, it's very nice to meet you."

Chandler wrinkles her nose at Indrakshi, smirks, but then turns away, feigning to ignore her - like she said she would if Indrakshi used that nickname. "Hi, I'm Chandler. Sorry for my strange friend here. She's nice enough, but I think a few marbles are missing." She glances at Indrakshi again, giving her a wicked little grin. Then she asks Damian, "What are you celebrating?"

Aaliyah's smile is bright and genuine, holding more than a hint of mischief at Indra's admission that the boyfriend is there. "Aaliyah" she says by way of a name, and self introduction, the moniker almost seeming to be caught in her throat with an almost guttural syllabic rendition. "Most people just call me Ali. Easier on the untrained tongue." This last said sort of in the direction of Damian. An almost offhanded comment follows Chandler's words. "I had a duck named Waddles once. Do you quack when someone chases you?"

Indrakshi gives a devilish grin when Aaliyah starts in on Chandler too. "Excellent question, we'll need to find out." She says and looks at Damian and points at him. "You find out, I don't want her to hate me for finding out. Lets go call her invisible beau and ask if she quacks in bed." She says and then moves to take her shot of UV Birthday Cake. "Waddles is amazing at music, not so amazing at keeping ballroom dresses from starting on fire."

Damian tells Chandler, "The second of my satellite studios has been fully stocked and set up, and is merely waiting for me to staff its manager, which I will be taking care of directly. I'm very pleased with the whole thing and figured that was a fine excuse to do some drinking. Let me buy you something?" Damian smiles at the other two, but there's a slight tightness about it and he appears to have nothing to say, sipping his drink instead.

Chandler smiles at Damians offer and says, "That's sweet, but I just need some water. If I drink, my playing starts to suck, and then I don't get so many gigs." And in fact, the bartender seems to anticipate Chandler's need and has a glass of water set on the bar next to her. She picks up the glass and takes a long drink. She continues to ignore Indrakshi more or less. But Aaliyah gets a smirk, "No, I most certainly do not. It's nice to meet you though, Ali."

Aaliyah leans slightly toward Indra, a motion that's more dramatic than necessary. "Was it something I siad, or something you said?" The mischief laden tone is absolutely still present and the Damian's smile doesn't dampen her mood. Perhaps it even accents it. She tucks the bills back into the shoulder-slung purse, an indication that she's changed her mind about purchasing a drink. Chandler gets a smile, "You as well. Even if you don't quack. But, I suspect there's a story in there too."

Indrakshi looks at Aaliyah with a helpless little shrug. "She's always like this unless I use her real name, she didn't even like Cap't Firebutt after the ballroom dress accident. Even if her -butt- did start on fire." She says and looks over at Chandler and Damian. "Some of us come to bars to get drunk, Damian comes to bars to steal hard working employees for his Studio."

"Yes, for whatever sense that may make, I'm sure it's entirely true." Damian agrees, bowing his head a bit because hey, totally caught. He tells Chandler, "Alright, but you owe me at some point, don't think I won't collect."

Chandler looks at Damian with a confused smile. "I owe you buying me a drink...?" She cants her head, waiting for confirmation she has the right of it.

Aaliyah quietly gives Indra another finger waggle. "Will probably run into you again, if I decided to stick around for a bit. Eventually I have to get to Santa Fe." With that, she shoulders the already shouldered bag and begins to make her way to the door.