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The Frontier Restaurant -- Albuquerque

 Situated on the famous Route 66, the Frontier Restaurant is a landmark establishment and part of America's folk history. Since 1971, this fine restaurant has happily served the Albuquerque area and the University of New Mexico community, providing a safe, clean, 100% smoke-free environment for college students to spend hours studying or just relaxing. The Frontier's fine, affordable food, its funky John-Wayne-centered Western decor, and its unique atmosphere make it a popular hangout and gathering place.

 Behind the glass doors which proudly bear the sign "Open Daily: 24 Hours!" is a large, spacious dining area filled with dozens of tables and booths made of light-colored formica. Hanging on chains from the ceiling are sconce chandeliers shaped like wagon wheels. Behind the gleaming steel counter, you can see busy cooks squeezing fresh orange and making our signature cinnamon rolls. Above the counter hangs the extensive 'menu' board; the entire menu is served 24 hours.

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Obvious exits:
Central Avenue <O>